Euro Police Bust 3m Internet Fraud Gang


The action by Europol against a cybercriminal group has yielded excellent operational results. The group was linked to criminal activities such as drug and weapons trafficking. Victims were contacted via various means, such as spam emails or messages from fake banking websites. They were duped into providing their banking credentials, and the criminal network took several million euros from unsuspecting victims. The money was transferred through money mules.

SOCA investigated 3m Internet Fraud gang

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) shut down 36 websites that sold credit card information and personal data, including those of over PS500 million of victims. The investigation was made in conjunction with the FBI, US Department of Justice, and authorities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. The Australian authorities were among the first to swoop in on the network, as the information sold in bulk could have been used to steal more than PS500 million in cash.

SOCA led the UK end of a long-term FBI undercover operation against the online criminal forum DarkMarket

In October 2008, SOCA and the FBI launched a joint undercover operation against the darknet forum, DarkMarket. During this time, several suspects were arrested, and over 16,000 compromised credit and debit cards were recovered. The investigation revealed how one individual spent PS250,000 on stolen personal information. As part of the operation, SOCA provided intelligence to four police forces in the UK and US.

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Europol’s action against cybercriminals yielded excellent operational results

Europol’s action against cybercriminals in Europe has produced excellent operational results. The ‘Blackhole’ investigation lasted several action days, resulting in the arrest of 31 suspects and the dismantling of eight criminal laboratories. Among the seized items were 1,000 devices and forged payment cards. Intensive JIT collaboration with law enforcement partners and judicial authorities in Moldova was key to these achievements.

Sumitomo Matsui Bank theft

The Euro Police have arrested two men after a cyber gang broke into the offices of a Japanese bank in London and installed keylogging software on computer systems. The criminals attempted to steal more than PS229 million by using the stolen money to make over 20 electronic transfers. The sum is estimated to be worth $423 million. The case is still under investigation, but the arrests are a major win for the public safety.

Organized crime group centered around cryptocurrency investment fraud busted

A Chinese organized crime group centered around cryptocurrency investment fraud has been busted. The US Attorney’s Office released a statement about the guilty plea of Kais Mohammad, one of the key figures in the ICO scam. As part of Herocoin, Mohammad operated a network of Bitcoin ATM kiosks and offered bitcoin-for-cash services to the public. Although the ICOs offered by these companies were legitimate, the operators did not ask clients where their funds were coming from. It’s believed that they knew the funds were being used for criminal activity.