Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, announced that the company would expand into humanoid robotics during Thursday’s AI event.

Musk revealed the “Tesla Bot”, a 5-foot-8, 175-pound robot with a screen that shows information. It would be 125-pounds and weigh 125 pounds. Musk stated that the robot could lift 150 pounds and carry 45 pounds. However, it would only travel at 5 mph.

Musk jokingly said, “We’re setting them so that it is at the mechanical level, at the physical level, you have to run away from it, and most likely overpower”

Musk stated that the bot would be powered by Tesla’s Autopilot software. It would also have eight cameras to feed into its neural network for Full Self-Driving software.

The Tesla vehicle’s neural network is used to analyze its surroundings and identify routes and images. It also determines what to do when it comes across obstacles.

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Musk stated that cars are semi-sentient robots with wheels. He also said it made sense to “transform” the software into a humanoid form.

Musk stated that businesses would prefer to use the bot for repetitive, dangerous tasks. Musk said that robots would have to navigate the world without being explicitly instructed.

Musk stated that it has “profound applications for the economy”, and added that physical work would be an option in the future.