Boss Lady ELLA VILLANUEVA official picture in hd

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (May 5, 2022) – The idea of the American Dream is a reality that has over the years been kept alive by those who use the opportunities that they are given to full-fill their aspirations and attain the lives they always envisioned for themselves. Ella Villanueva Manalang always envisioned moving over to the US from the Philippines to build a legacy that would surpass her. When she lived in the Philippines, Ella gained a platform while in the entertainment industry with Viva Films, a production company. It was at this point in time where Ella would go on to be inspired to learn all aspects of the industry and how she could brand her own name to make her mark. Boss Babe Ella Villanueva Manalang is now only just getting started to revolutionize the skincare industry with her own line, V-Glow.

Ella was born in the Philippines and in 2000 she graduated from Dominican College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications. After getting married and moving to the US, Ella began to get involved in the homecare business, as her mother and father in law taught her the workings of that business. Ella was very thankful that they not only accepted her into their family but also entrusted her with the business. She began this journey by being a clerical worker and then went on to do caregiving jobs to better understand the business itself. After years of dedicating her time to build her craft and putting in the hours, Ella has five long standing businesses and is adding a few more with her skincare line VGlow and VGlow Beauty Bar.

The inspiration to start VGlow came from Ella’s own lifelong choice to prioritize her health and skin regimen. Ella recognized the power in using her platform to share what she has learned over the years by starting a new venture with a skincare line. With a goal in mind to show others that she could do more and empower women while doing so, she has taken VGlow to new heights as they continue to grow and expand throughout VGlow Beauty Bars. “Skincare is something that I enjoy doing because it brings me such happiness, just as doing your makeup does,” she says. “There’s something about beauty that should last and be maintained.”

VGlow’s products are effective and range from those that specialize in age, sun, and acne defense to lip plumpers, moisturizer that protects the skin and prevents dryness, and Vitamin C capsules that unlock the secret to health and longevity. Aiming to continue to inspire and expand her love and passion for skincare and beauty, Ella also has a VGlow Beauty Bar where her devoted clients go to get treated for services ranging from facial, acne, warts, microneedling, and peeling.

Located in Torrance, California, VGlow Beauty Bar is an innovative skincare and SPA service company whose purpose is to provide beauty, health, and well-being to their clients, whether ist is through their beauty services or their skincare products.

As Ella continues to build on her empire, she aims to create a legacy that will surpass her. She credits her success in this industry to her community that surrounds her and has given her the tools to build on her own success. She hopes to use her platform to be an inspiration to others to never give up on their dreams and work hard towards what they want to do with their lives. “When you work hard you have to work the hardest because if you don’t you won’t see results, you have to pull yourself up and do your best all the time.” As Ella Villanueva Manalang works towards becoming a licensed esthetician, with her exams coming up soon, she hopes to continue to expand her business and spread the message of really dedicating time to practice your craft. With her experience there is no doubt that Ella will take VGlow and VGlow Beauty Bar to ultimate heights

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