Are you going to have a child? It can be a good decision for you if you have not conceived yet. You can continue this procedure with your wife if she is medically fit, or you can hire a lady for egg donation. An egg donor is easily available in different areas of the world. You can know the pgs (preimplantation genetic screening) before agreeing.

Is it safe to go for egg donation?

Yes, it is safe to go for this procedure. There are many reasons for egg donation. It is simple to access the clinics that are reliable. They are licensed and certified for this procedure.

Why do you have to go for an egg donor?

If you have got this egg donation facility from somewhere else, you know the details of the egg donor you will hire. Several issues can make a woman unfit for pregnancy, like Joint problems, infertility, reproductive system problems, kidney or heart issues and mental disorders. It causes the inability to have children, financial welfare, loss of family happiness, death of children and other diseases. You must know about all these issues before hiring a woman.
It is very important to raise the ethical sense in the human being. You must motivate people to secure life. Enhance your ethics as well as get the knowledge of religious issues. It will raise the spirituality in them, and there will be no need to have an argument for and against miscarriages.

Miscarriage is not medically safe for women. Having a miscarriage can make a woman weak. You can get rid of the problem with the help of a healthy egg donor mother. This is an easy way to continue your routine life.

Is it the first-month pregnancy?

Pregnancy is crucial for women because they face many physical, mental and emotional changes. The whole tenure of nine months is difficult to carry a child in the womb and to bear different situations for them. But, the first step that is the most important thing for the ladies is to confirm the conception. After getting its confirmation in the first month of pregnancy, women experience many different circumstances in their bodies due to hormonal changes. You can get the Pregnancy Week by Week Information and Guide online to give birth to a healthy child. Some women have these issues in the first month of pregnancy.

Smell issue

During this tenure of pregnancy, women become sensitive sniffers. They have the problem of feeling everything releases a bad odor. It makes them feel nausea and vomit.

Shortness of breath

They face shortness of breath during the whole period of the pregnancy, not only in the first month of pregnancy.
It is the first thing that you need to know. If a woman is pregnant, then your IVF process is successful.

The women need to confirm the pregnancy in the early stage. The majority of women want to know whether they are pregnant or not.

You must hire a healthy woman to be a egg donor mother. It will be good to check her previous history of pregnancy and delivery.

Egg donation

You can go for egg donation. It is a good option for those who want their child. This is the right option for people who do not want to adopt if they are normal, but the woman is not conceiving. You can use your sperm and egg and transfer them to your womb.

The other option is to hire a woman for egg donation. Most people want to know the cost of these women in the clinic. These women carry your embryo, and you have to pay the cost. You can contact your doctor about this.

Important symptoms of the first month of pregnancy

As mentioned above, women face general issues in their early pregnancy for the initial four weeks. Some of the common issues or symptoms are discussed below.

Missed periods first

One of the obvious signs of pregnancy is that you will miss your period this time. Once you miss your date, you must go for a pregnancy test. It is the first sign of your pregnancy.

Nausea and Morning sickness

Nausea is very common in this situation, but morning sickness is the situation that every pregnant lady must face during pregnancy.

Mood swing

Pregnant women face changes in their mood because of the changes in hormones. The hormone is the cause to changes your level of mood and makes you feel laugh or irritated during the whole period of pregnancy.

Swollen and tender breast

If you feel your breast is swollen, no worries because it is very common in this situation. It is due to the formation of the new pregnancy hormones in the body that cause the physical and emotional changes in you.


Again the reason is hormones. Many changes occur in your body, and the body demands it because it is working extra. During the development of the womb, the fetus needs to rest in this tenure.

Frequent urination

Quite obvious, it is the womb that is going to develop, and it exerts pressure on the bladder. It causes frequent urination in pregnant women. It is quite a common situation and needs not to be worried about. To be hydrated, it is important to take plenty of water throughout the pregnancy.

Increase in Craving

The desire for food increases in this period. Women feel hungry and need something to eat after very short intervals.

All these symptoms appear due to the formation of the HSG hormones in the body. It is all due to the formation of the placenta in the womb. In this way, you will come to know that your procedure of egg donation is successful. You can access a reliable clinic for an egg donor. You must agree with them and decide about it with the International Fertility Group. It is a reliable name in the industry, and they meet the standard’s requirements. You can access them online.