Criminal bands might have infiltrated Qantas staffers to smuggle drugs, Australian media reported.
The findings have been within an unreleased law-enforcement report. Sources with knowledge of this talked to the media.
Qantas called the claims”disturbing” but said it had not been contacted by the authorities.

The post was based on official sources that talked to the sockets about a yet-to-be-released law-enforcement report referred to as”Project Brunello.”

Sources according to the report, that talked to the information outlets , said Project Brunello discovered that around 150 Qantas employees were linked to crime associations.

Luke Bramah, chief security officer of the Qantas Group, told The Sydney Morning Herald that the company follows all the”administration’s vetting processes” and finds that the claims”bothering”

“We have never been informed of some present investigations of Qantas Group employees engaged with organized crime. When concerns are raised regarding some of our personnel, we’ll actively support their evaluation and take proper action,” Bramah explained.

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According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Project Brunello’s report found that “trusted insiders” at the airline linked to crime groups were able to “cause significant harm” to Australia by facilitating smuggling into the country, and pose “a very high threat to the Australian border.”

Here are some of the report’s findings, according to The Sydney Morning Herald:

  • Almost 60 Qantas staff members were linked to “serious drug offenses” or “organized crime groups.”
  • Twenty-three had “used employment in the aviation environment to facilitate various criminal activities.”