American popular fitness model Dolly Castro Chavez is setting Instagram on fire with her scorching hot pictures. She has gained 6.3 million followers all due to her gorgeous photoshoot.

If there’s a single Central American bombshell the netizens are obsessed with the one that is one of Nicaraguan explosive, Dolly Castro Chavez. She’s a renowned fitness model who’s enjoying a great time with her followers on Instagram where she continues to annoy her followers with her amazing sizzling photos.

The 37-year-old is a sexy seducer because of her style of going guns blasting in her leather attire that really highlights her flawless curves and stunning assets. In the simplest terms, Dolly Castro Chavez is making every model the fright of their lives as she has already accumulated 6.3 million fans on Instagram by her curly clicks.

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Born on the 14th of July 1984 at Managua, Nicaragua, this Central American beauty is a fitness guru who created the Bars & Branch exercise movement. She moved to Miami and then got engaged with Samier and has one daughter, named Karen. The bombshell is constantly modeling her figure and posting pictures of her lifestyle on Instagram to attract all the attention she can.