Dogecoin Remains at the dog house after Elon Musk's'SNL' Look

Dogecoin prices rebounded Tuesday morning following Tesla CEO Elon Musk requested his almost 54 million Twitter followers should they need his car business to”accept Doge.” Almost 77 percent of the survey’s respondents said yes.

But after a greater than 5 percent cost spike Tuesday — from roughly 46 cents to just under 49 cents percent — dogecoin is still trading well below the amounts it struck only before Musk’s”Saturday Night Live” appearance a couple of days back.
Dogecoin costs were north of 70 cents early Saturday and had pulled back a little to about 65 cents before the series aired.
But rather than hyping dogecoin, as most backers had expected, Musk poked fun at it at a touch with his mother from the opening monologue — and in a”Weekend Update” segment where he played with a fictitious financial pro called Lloyd Ostertag who predicted dogecoin that a”hustle.”
The cryptocurrency immediately dropped about 20 percent to 51 cents just following the series and kept slipping to approximately 44 cents Sunday morning before regaining a little.
The article -“SNL” slide demonstrates just how fraught dogecoin’s increase has been. The series is a comedy collection, not an infomercial, and anybody expecting Musk will be permitted to pile breathless compliments on the cryptocurrency, not joke about it obviously miscalculated.

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Damage management

Even so, Musk currently seems to do some damage control, alerting investors that he’s receptive to accepting payments in dogecoin in addition to in crypto pioneer bitcoin, which Tesla (TSLA) already accepts as payment for its automobiles also retains on its own balance sheet.
Along with polling followers Tuesday about the prospect of letting customers purchase a Model S, 3, Y or X automobile with doge, Musk’s other famous company, SpaceX, only disclosed it’ll make it possible for a customer launch a payload within an upcoming lunar assignment to cover in dogecoin.
This news helped the cryptocurrency bounce off it struck Sunday. However, it begs the question if the pre-“SNL” cost for dogecoin, which currently has a entire value of $65 billion and will be the world’s fourth most precious cryptocurrency, will prove to be its summit.
Naturally, anybody holding dogecoin for the last couple of months has little to whine about. The cost has surged over 10,000percent up to now in 2021.
However, from the fast changing universe of cryptocurrencies, investors consistently have another shiny new coin to research.
There is an alternative canine-themed scam, the Shiba Inu, which has surged nearly 2,000percent in only the last week and today has a market value of roughly $13 billion. Shiba Inu is the Japanese breed of dog which has been the face of several dogecoin memes.
And also a brand-new crypto that started this week, Internet Computer (ICP), has stormed out of the gate and is currently worth almost $50 billion. This makes ICP, a token like ethereum, the planet’s eighth-largest cryptocurrency.

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