A banner for the forthcoming film Doctor Jekyll offers a sneak look at Eddie Izzard in the lead spot of Nina Jekyll. The movie is created by Hammer Studios and coordinated by Joe Stephenson. Scott Chambers will star close by Izzard as Rob, Nina Jekyll’s recently employed partner who helps Jekyll in her endeavor to conquer her Hyde character.

Specialist Jekyll depends on the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Specialist Jekyll is the most recent in a progression of endeavors to adjust the exemplary story to film. Stevenson’s story has worked its direction into a large number of media variations, going from the 1931 movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to an appealing melodic section inside the famous kids’ TV series Arthur.
Specialist Jekyll’s most memorable banner gives an early gander at Eddie Izzard in Stephenson’s version of the story. The banner uncovers Izzard in a spooky outline with a considerable shadow hiding underneath her, reasonable reminiscent of Hyde. The film is as of now in after creation

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While Izzard is a carefully prepared joke artist and has been in striking movies, for example, Ocean’s Thirteen and Across the Universe, the greater part of Doctor Jekyll’s innovative group comprises of rising gifts. Stephenson and Chambers have cooperated before on more modest movies like 2015’s non mainstream highlight Chicken. However changing Jekyll and Hyde is an aggressive task for a fresher movie producer, ideally, Stephenson’s undertaking will convey the alluring frightfulness guaranteed by this first banner.

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