A tech expert has warned that if you’re among those 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users you’re in for “seriously bad news”.

The worst news lies in the fact that Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook has confirmed that critical security updates could be delayed.

It has stated that encryption from end to end on the platform isn’t expected to be in place until at least the next year, even though it has stated how important it is.Meta’s Global Director of Safety stated: “We’re taking our time to ensure this is right.“We don’t plan to finish the global rollout of end-to-end encryption by default across all our messaging services until sometime in 2023.”Facebook initially stated that Messenger would be getting encryption from end to end within “2022 at the earliest” and it’s now pushed it to a year.

This is an important point in light of Meta’s Antigone Davis claimed that encryption is essential to ensure that your information is “safe from hackers, fraudsters and criminals”.Security expert Zak Doffman isn’t thrilled with the latest news and has written an essay in Forbes asking Messenger users to switch platforms.The author wrote that “Facebook has put off a security upgrade they claim is essential however there are some arguments that this update should not be implemented and could be banned.“That’s a reason to consider shifting your private messaging to WhatsApp and try out Signal if you haven’t already.”

Doffman has raised doubts regarding whether Messenger should be completely encrypted due to concerns that it could negatively impact the safety of children on Facebook.The charity for children NSPCC has suggested that end-to end encryption could result in an “significant drop in reports of child abuse… a [failure] to protect children from avoidable harm.”At present, inappropriate messages and messages that are posted in Facebook Messenger chats can be identified.The encryption process could let the messages are under the radar.

This has put Facebook in a bind because not fully encryption of chats may be critical for lawful interference.But, Doffman also acknowledges that there are advantages to using end-to-end encryption.The man suggested Messenger should be cleared in place so that lawful interception could take place, but users should be given the option of using secure services that are end-to-end.Meta says it is Messenger can be encrypted from end to end and protect vulnerable users of online predators.

It read: “We believe people shouldn’t have to decide between security and privacy.“We are building strong safety measures into our plans and engaging with privacy and safety experts, civil society and governments to make sure we get this right.”