David Beckham Hands Over Instagram Account to Ukrainian Doctor

The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Children and Human Rights handed over his Instagram account to a Ukrainian doctor. The goal of the gesture was to highlight the wonderful work done by medical professionals in Ukraine. The former England captain has been an ambassador for UNICEF since 2005. Iryna is a child anesthesiologist and the head of the regional perinatal center. The two have been working together since the start of the conflict, and Beckham wanted to highlight the conditions in which they both work.

David Beckham Hands Over Instagram Account to Ukrainian Doctor

In Kharkiv, Ukraine, the British soccer star handed over his Instagram account to a pediatric anesthesiologist. “I love doing this,” Iryna wrote in a message posted to her followers on Instagram. The star had been in the city for a visit with UNICEF staff, and her photos and videos were shared by fans. While in Ukraine, she has urged her followers to donate to UNICEF in their efforts to help the country’s children.

On his Instagram account, David Beckham gave control of his account to a Ukrainian doctor in Kharkiv. The doctor, Dr. Iryna, is the head of a regional perinatal center and has a following of 71 million people. She has a YouTube channel and posted videos and pictures of her work, including treating newborns and moving patients to an underground hospital to escape the shelling.

The Manchester United footballer, who has an Instagram account with more than seven million followers, is raising awareness about the plight of expectant mothers in war-torn Ukraine. He has been an ambassador for UNICEF since 2005 and has been involved in aid operations in the region for the past three weeks. The social media celebrity wants to spread the word about the work that medical staff in Ukraine have been doing to help the people of Ukraine.

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The UNICEF has a website where supporters can post pictures and videos of children who have been affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The Instagram page has more than seven million followers, and it is the most popular brand on the network. The company is also a part of the United Nations’ UNICEF Goodwill Accord. The organization has been an ambassador for UNICEF since 2005.

After the conflict, the United Nations has been providing vital supplies to the affected area. During the first days of the invasion, pregnant women were evacuated to the basement for protection. The UNICEF goodwill ambassador has a network that is now being tested by the current conditions in Ukraine. Besides the UNICEF goodwill, David Beckham also launched an emergency appeal for the refugees in Ukraine.