Ted Cruz slammed President Joe Biden Tuesday for traveling across Europe rather than visiting the southern boundary and addressing the migrant influx.

“Well, you know what, Joe Biden’s in Europe right now,” Cruz mentioned during a congressional hearing. “Maybe it’s time for the person apparently in charge of the boundary from this administration to visit the border”

Cruz added,”In the previous month, CBP agents struck 180,034 illegal immigrants crossing the border. That’s a 674% increase in last May. That’s magnificent. We are on path to have over 2 million people cross the border illegally this year, the maximum rate in 20 decades. Where were we last year? This past year, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.”

Cruz also took aim in Vice President Kamala Harris, who was appointed as Biden’s”border czar” before this season and has so far failed to visit the southern boundary, drawing criticism from conservatives.

Cruz said that Harris”seems to go everywhere else except our southern border.”

“There’s a reason Kamala Harris does not want to go to the border,” the Texas Republican explained. “There is a reason Senate Democrats on this committee don’t wish to visit the border. Because they know if they visit the border, the TV cameras will come with them. And they don’t have a response for this humanitarian catastrophe that’s playing out”

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Biden has been in Europe for the last many days, meeting with world leaders at the G-7 summit in England and then meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday