Create Later, Abruptly Honda City Got a Tax Reduction!

Not even one month meanwhile its release, the Honda City Tailgate immediately conventional a relaxation of the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) in initial April.

The name Honda City is included in the list of Decree of the Minister of Industry (Kepmenperin) Number 839 of 2021 concerning Motor Vehicles with Sales Tax on Luxury Goods for the delivery of taxable goods classified as luxury borne by the government in Fiscal Year 2021. In it is written this car has a local content of 62%. The minimum requirement that must be met is 60%.

In fact, this replacement car for the Honda Jazz was not included in the PPnBM scheme when it first started on March 1. So that there is an assumption that the Honda City Hatchback will immediately get a tax discount. However, the brand holder agent (APM), namely Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Yusak Billy, rejected this assumption.


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“Not that it just came in, no. The official rules came out on February 12, we saw, we counted and it turned out that the City Hatchback local purchase was 70 percent. At that time it had not yet been launched and delivery was April, so we cannot announce the price yet,” he said in a virtual conference, Wednesday at the opening of the Dreams Café powered by Honda, Wednesday (7/4/21).

The Honda City Hatchback was released after the PPnBM relaxation program ran for 3 days, on March 3. At the start of the relaxation policy, this car was not yet included in the scheme because it had not yet been launched.

However, other cars such as the Daihatsu Rocky have officially received a discount even though they have not yet been launched in Indonesia. Billy also rejected the notion that HPM was late in processing it.

“It’s not too late, the detailed rules come out on February 12, after leaving we learned, if the neighbors can count, we don’t know, and City Hatcback hasn’t delivered , meaning we don’t know how much and delivery in April, we’ll wait for a new clear proposal,” said Billy.

“So there are many considerations, there is PPnBM that has not been given, so we look at the details, we study and we propose,” he continued.

The Honda City Hatchback RS will begin shipping to authorized Honda dealers on April 8, 2021. The price offered is cheaper than the Jazz, which is Rp. 289,000,000 for a 6 speed manual transmission and Rp. 299,000,000 for CVT transmission. This is the price on the road for the Jakarta area and the estimate for BBN First Car in 2021