Google officials confirmed Monday that the company will follow the following protocols for the initial reopening of its California offices in July, ahead of their expected full return in September.

In May, Google said it expected about 20% of its workforce to continue working remotely after the fall reopening, while some 60% would work a hybrid schedule that includes about three days in the office and two days “wherever they work best. “Google stated in May that it expected 20% of its workforce would continue to work remotely after the fall reopening. Some 60% would be working a hybrid schedule, which includes three days at the office and two days “wherever their work best.”

A spokesperson for Google stated that the company had shared its plans with California Google workers and its extended workforce members in preparation for July’s reopening.

It was noted in the announcement that local offices in Mountain View, Redwood City and Redwood City would welcome back employees on a voluntary basis. This means that people “permanently assigned” to California offices will have the opportunity to return to work for the first time since the pandemic.

The company will open its offices in phases, with the Bay Area offices opening on July 12. Google offices in Southern California, California, will reopen in waves on July 13th and 27th.

Although the company intends to introduce new testing and verification requirements for vaccinations, it noted that these new measures will not apply to U.S. offices. According to a spokesperson, these protocols aim at prioritizing safety and health for all Google employees.

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California regulations stipulate that workers who are fully vaccinated with proof of it will not need to wear a mask inside the office.

Workers who refuse to reveal their vaccination status or are unvaccinated will be allowed to return. However, in compliance with state regulations, they will need to wear masks and undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. These workers can use Google’s free testing services, as well as a hotline for vaccine questions and assistance if they need to find a vaccination site.

Google released a statement saying that they had taken a measured approach to reopening offices around the globe. They also took every precaution recommended by local authorities, as well as taking their own proactive measures like increasing air flow and following strict cleaning protocols.