Corinna Slusser and Ishi Woney Are Missing


Ishi Woney is a rapper and musician from New York City. He is currently under investigation for forcing two students into prostitution. One of the students, Corinna Slusser, was a cheerleader and was last seen in September 2017. She has been missing since then, and the FBI is trying to locate her. According to the US Attorney, Ishi Woney was taking advantage of the two young women for his own benefit.

Corinna Slusser

Corinna Slusser was last seen in September 2017 leaving the Haven Motel on Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens. It is believed that she was being pushed into prostitution by Ishi Woney, a rap artist who was convicted of sex trafficking. While there are no surveillance cameras in the motel, someone did notice her leaving.

Before she moved to New York, Slusser’s life had taken a dark turn. Her relationship with her mother was strained and she had been planning to move in with her aunt and a friend. She had even dropped out of school. The situation left her incredibly vulnerable to being exploited.

The woman had moved to New York from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with the intention of becoming a makeup artist. She posted on social media that she was attending the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but the school had no records of her enrolling. As a result, the girl was forced to drop out of school and begin attending an online charter school. As of January 2018, she has not been seen since.

The FBI has released a press release about the case of Corinna Slusser. The teenager has been missing since September 2017. According to her mother, her father had been associated with dangerous men. It is not known whether she was a victim of sex trafficking, but she has been linked to the case.

After moving to New York City, Slusser became involved in prostitution. The last time she was seen she was at a motel in Queens. She had a fight with her pimp, and left her in a room that was paid for by another man. Her mother had been in contact with her daughter while she was in the city, but she never returned. She had made plans to come home, but she never did.

Corinna Slusser’s mother has said that she is praying for her daughter’s safe return. Corinna Slusser, a cheerleader from Pennsylvania, was lured to New York City by a notorious sex ring. Her body was sold in shady hotels and her pictures were plastered across the Internet. She also told the court that her daughter was a victim of sex trafficking.

While it is not clear how Slusser disappeared, her family is confident she was abducted and forced into prostitution by Ishi Woney, a man she met online. Woney allegedly forced the women into prostitution by using fraud, threats, and force. He also allegedly used the Internet to purchase ads promoting prostitution.

Corinna was an artistic person, and her dreams were to be a make-up artist and hair stylist. She thought she was pursuing these dreams in New York. But the reality was very different. She was being exploited and coerced into prostitution by a man she had only known for four months. She had previously spent two jail stints for attempted burglary and promoting prostitution.

Ishi Woney

Ishi Woney is a Nigerian singer who has been in the media for a number of years. The artist is not one to reveal too much about his private life. He hasn’t even revealed the location of his former apartment. However, he was once reported to be dating Corrina Slusser. Before Slusser’s disappearance, Woney reportedly moved in to her New York apartment.

The rapper, musician and singer Ishi Woney was arrested last year in connection with the disappearance of another student, Corinna Slusser. The rapper was also accused of forcing two college students into sexual activity. One of the victims was a former cheerleader. Corinna Slusser is still missing, and she has not been seen since September 2017. While she was missing, the FBI is still searching for her.

During the investigation, FBI agents discovered that Ishi Woney was involved in sex trafficking, and he faces up to five years in prison. He is suspected of forcing two women into prostitution. The women were allegedly lured by Woney using force and fraud. They were allegedly forced to perform prostitution in New York City and several other states. Woney had even purchased online ads promoting prostitution.

According to the News, the alleged crimes involve Ishi Woney using force and coercion to compel young women to have sex with him for a fee. He may receive a sentence of five years to life if convicted. The prosecutors are also considering additional charges against him, including a charge of sexually assault.

Corinna and Ishi Woney met early in September 2017 and exchanged almost 800 text messages. The two had a falling out over jealousy. Woney and Corinna were last seen together on September 20. Although the motel does not have surveillance cameras, the police believe that the two met at the motel.

According to the police investigation, Woney took Victim-1 to several states. In New York, he rented a room for Slusser with another alleged victim. The two met at a Queens motel after an argument. The two were allegedly seen in the same motel the day afterward.

The district court did not abuse its discretion in sentencing Ishi Woney. It weighed several factors in his sentencing, including his upbringing and psychiatric problems. These factors resulted in a sentence that was sufficiently severe and was not excessive. And the district court acknowledged that Woney had a history of violence and was a dangerous threat to the public.

Corinna Slusser’s coercive tactics

The name of Corinna Slusser has been mentioned in several vice investigations, but the woman hasn’t posted any updates on social media since September 2017. Human trafficking is an exchange of money and services obtained through fraud, coercion, or force. In some cases, it also involves sex trafficking.

According to court records, Yhovanny Peguero is a former pimp who allegedly trafficked Slusser. Slusser and Peguero were involved in a violent argument after she accused him of stealing $300. Peguero allegedly choked her and pushed her against a wall. Slusser obtained a temporary restraining order against Peguero, which she subsequently used to work out at the Haven Motel.

Corinna Slusser was once a very popular student in high school but dropped out of school and became depressed. In March 2017, she attempted suicide. Her mother, Sabina Tuorto, was not pleased with her daughter’s behavior. She was unable to keep up with her classes, and had started to fight her mother over minor things.

The police have uncovered a sex trafficking ring that targeted the teenager and lured her away from her small town to New York. Corinna’s mother has been tasked with confronting the dangerous pimps and mysterious extortion attempts, and she is trying to find clues on social media.

The NYPD’s Vice Human Trafficking team has said Slusser has been handed off to several pimps. This has prompted several vice investigations in recent weeks. Originally a cheerleader, Slusser had dreams of becoming a makeup artist. She moved out with a friend near her mother’s house and met a man who would become her pimp. Later, she was lured to New York City, where she allegedly worked for several pimps.

The arrest of Yhovanny Peguero reveals a woman’s deep desire for a man who wants to get close to her. Despite the arrest, Corinna’s alleged victims have continued to attack those who have posted messages on Corinna’s Missing Facebook page.

Corinna Slusser has not been seen since the early morning hours of Sept. 20. The police are asking anyone who sees her to contact the police. The woman is a white female with blond hair and blue eyes. She is five feet tall and weighs about 140 pounds.