On Friday, there was much speculation about the health of Queen Elizabeth II, who had tests and spent the night in a hospital, even though royal officials said she was at home resting.

Buckingham Palace said on Wednesday morning that she was unable to attend of an engagement planned for Northern Ireland and had been advised to rest according to medical recommendations.

The royals later admitted on Thursday that she in fact undergone “some preliminary investigations” in the hospital on Wednesday. The patient was admitted to hospital for the night, following The Sun newspaper broke the report.

She was able to return after a visit to King Edward VII’s Hospital in central London to her Windsor Castle home west of the capital. She was said to be “in good spirits”.

Premier President Boris Johnson sent his best wishes, according to his spokesperson that the public who live near their Buckingham Palace home in central London reported that they were not bothered.

Kirsty Duffield who is an operations manager said AFP health tests have been “quite normal” at the Queen’s age, and she said it seemed “really positive” that she was released so quickly.

Homewife Katie Lavin pointed out the monarch was riding her horses and looked strong and independent even though it appeared apparent that she had been “getting a little bit fragile”.

The visiting US stage director Charles Fee said she would be described as “a tough broad” across the Atlantic.

“Rumours and misinformation”

The British Press Association news agency said the hospital stay and visit was not disclosed at first as it was believed to be brief and to ensure her privacy.

She stayed over to “practical reasons”, said to be due to the fact that the time was not right for her to make that 26 mile (42-kilometre) journey back to Windsor.

The Queen has had treatment at an private clinic that is well-known for treating royals and also in 2013 for gastroenteritis. She also spent a night there.

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This development comes on the heels of several hectic weeks in which the monarch attended over a dozen official appearances which included hosting an evening reception on Tuesday night for world-class business leaders on the grounds of Windsor Castle.