Claudia Winkleman turns 50: "I look like Meat Loaf naked"

Claudia Winkleman claims she looks like Meat Loaf when she doesn’t have clothes on–and she’s very happy about that.

Strictly Come Dancing’s star has stated that she is enjoying her maturity and is happy to have a body similar to the 73-year old Bat Out Of Hell rocker.

Winkleman said to Woman & Home magazine, “I can’t WAIT to turn 50. I wanted a set of crocheted items for my 21st. I cannot wait to age!

“I hated my 20s. I would be the one at a nightclub going, “Guys, this is not safe.” I enjoy bridges, heavy-tog duvets, and roasts. This is where I spend my time.

“My body is crumbling, I look like Meat Loaf naked, and that’s okay with me!”

Claudia Winkleman turns 50: "I look like Meat Loaf naked"

It seems that aging rockers are the inspiration for the TV presenter, who is well-known for her thick dark make-up and ‘Panda eye” signature thickening.

Winkleman shared with Women’s Health magazine’s Going For Goal podcast her desire to be like Gene Simmons, 71, and Alice Cooper (73), respectively.

She stated that she wanted to be like Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper. It’s not like she wants to appear young, bouncy, and fresh.

Even though she was mocked on social media for using fake tan, the former Great British Sewing Bee host insisted that her goal is to look like a solid piece of terracotta.

Winkleman, whose mother Eve Pollard is a journalist and writer, confided that Ultra Glow was a product. It was a pat of just Brown. It was just like a solid piece.

“It was my mum’s favorite, and it has remained my favourite, I believe it’s Guerlain. It’s Terracotta. It’s an amazing product, the powder.

“I put some on my face, and I suddenly felt – that’s a big term but I’m going with it – alive. That was it. That was my love affair.

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