Citroen: We're driving the future of Halki

Citroen has been true to its original philosophy for over a century. It is driven by the constant desire to move and be free. Citroen combines technology, comfort, and authenticity to surpass all expectations.

Citroen is committed to making the car affordable for everyone, following its vision. Citroen’s philosophy is to always be on the move and to develop and implement innovative solutions. Citroen supports and actively supports the evolution of society. It tries to “embrace” the needs of people and then meets them.

These are combined with Citroen is strong emotional ties with Greece are what prompted him to participate in the pioneering project to make Halki a thriving city. Model island of autonomy e-Mobility.

This project is immediately implemented, making Halki the first “smart” and green island in Greece.

Climate change can be tackled by reducing the carbon footprint of human activity and moving to sustainable and cleaner movement.


After the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation by the Greek government, Citroen, and also the French companies Vinci and Akuo Greece within a short time, electricity transport will be a reality. This will have an immediate positive impact on daily life for the residents of the island.

Citroen and Siggelidis Group, in collaboration with the Greek government, promote the electric movement of zero pollutants, which will be smart and sustainable, and accessible to everyoneSiggelidis Group. Citroen’s cooperation with the Greek government undertakes the promotion of electric mobility of zero pollutants that is smart, sustainable, and accessible to all.

HCitroenHalki Island, also known as the island of peace, friendship, and youth around the globe, has its own news. The electricity of the fleet on the island replacing older vehicles with electric vehicles, the island can fully meet its needs for residents and businesses.

Citroen and the Siggelidis Group will provide free purely electric vehicles to replace polluting old public vehicles on the island. This will be sufficient to cover the needs of the municipality and security forces like the Coast Guard and Police.

These vehicles will be an example of sustainable mobility at a very low cost for residents of Halki.

Citroen will also provide a comprehensive plan for smart, climate-neutral mobility that allows residents, legal entities, and other entities to purchase zero-emission electric vehicles at low-cost prices. This is in addition to a wide variety of green and smart mobility options. This includes passenger, commercial and light four-wheel-drive vehicles. They can also use telematics and innovative technologies free of charge.

Tax and financial incentives from the Ministry of Environment and Energy will also be available to support green and smart mobility.

Noting that this project is in full compliance with the European Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative is important. It also contributes to Europe’s sustainable development goals by encouraging “green” transport, and a substantial reduction in carbon footprint. .

During the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation, Mr. Polychronis Siggelidis was proud to say that the Siggelidis Group had contributed to the vital project on Halki.

We stand in solidarity with the Action “Copper Green – Smart Island” and support the promotion of non-electricity polluting substances.

We place society’s evolution at the heart of our philosophy. Following the strategy of “Electric for All”, we participated from the beginning in the pioneering project to transform Halki island into an island model of autonomy and sustainable mobility. Our goal is to achieve a total green conversion that has a direct positive impact on daily life for the residents of the island.

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Citroen and the Siggelidis Group don’t keep their promises, they act! We democratize electric movement, and we are driving the future of Halki!