Worcester’s former England winger Chris Ashton has remained barred for six matches after existence originate remorseful of dangerous play in his side’s loss to Northampton.


The 34-year-old disputed the 49th-minute red card but the custody was found established by a sovereign panel.


Immersion pair Tom Dunn and Will Muir also conventional prohibitions for red cards in contradiction of London Irish last week.


Dunn became three weeks for arresting with the prod and Muir two weeks for undertaking a actor in the air.


Ashton was directed off for a no-arms success on Saints full-back Tommy Freeman in a ruck at six ways on Saturday.


His preceding poor punitive record calculated against him with the board cumulative the starting point for the crime after six to seven weeks.


In 2016 Ashton was barred for 13 weeks for bitter an opponent and two years advanced him conventional a seven-week ban for an illegal tip-tackle.


“The player putative that he had dedicated an act of vulgar play but challenged the red card on the foundation that he consumed not made direct contact to the skull of his adversary,” the board said.


“Any player selecting to competition a red card must show on the balance of likelihoods that the arbitrator’s choice to prize a red card was incorrect.


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