CFL Players Association Ratifies New Collective Bargaining Agreement

CFL Players Association ratifies new CBA

The CFLPA has ratified a new collective bargaining agreement. This will allow players on six of the nine teams to sign it. Ratification requires 50 percent plus one of the ballots cast. However, the CFLPA did not reveal the overall vote total. In the past, the players have voted against the tentative deal on Monday. The CFLPA recommended ratification on Thursday. This new deal will allow seven Canadian starters on rosters.

CFLPA ratifies new CBA

A tentative seven-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has been ratified by the CFLPA and CFL, ending a four-day strike by players on the league’s seven teams. The new CBA includes a revenue-sharing model, an option to reopen negotiations in five years and allows veteran players to sign partially guaranteed contracts. However, the CFLPA and CFL have not shared the details of the deal.

Although the players’ association did not provide the vote results, they did note that six out of nine teams needed to agree to the deal to pass. The required margin for ratification is 50% plus one ballot in favor, but this is far lower than the requisite five-year-old rule. The players voted against the tentative deal Monday and the CFLPA ratified it on Tuesday. The CFLPA says the new CBA is a win-win deal for all involved, and the league will open the exhibition season on time Friday night.

CFLPA agrees to an annual review of the maximum housing allowance

In a tentative seven-year CBA, the CFL Players Association and the NFL agreed to an annual review of the maximum housing allowance. Players will have the same minimum wage as last year – $55,000 per year – and the CFL will fund a ratification fund of $1.2 million for players’ upcoming negotiations. The CFLPA will set the maximum housing allowance annually, and the minimum wage will remain at $65,000 per year until 2027. The maximum housing allowance for players will remain at $2,300 per month. The CFL and the CFLPA will agree to an annual review of this allowance.

In addition to the annual review of the maximum housing allowance, the CFLPA and NFL will agree to a 10-game regular season and a ten-game post-season. Both sides will guarantee that players can play the full schedule of games. The CFLPA and NFL have agreed to consult with arbitrators and team presidents to resolve any grievances between the two parties. In addition, the CFL and NHL have agreed to work to improve the CBA and reopen the labor talks after five years.

CFLPA approves seven Canadian starters on rosters

The CFL and players’ association reached a tentative agreement last week but the players rejected it citing changes to the Canadian ratio and the lack of a ratification bonus. The CFL amended the agreement on Tuesday, adding a ratification bonus and one naturalized American to the list of Canadian starters. The CFL now plans to reduce the Canadian ratio to seven for the 2020 and 2022 seasons. Regardless of whether the CFLPA approves this new deal, players would have to vacate the training camp facilities by Friday.

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Under the new deal, the CFL will allow up to seven Canadian starters on rosters. The current CFL pay cap is 5.35 million per team, which will increase to 5.51 million in 2023 and 5.99 million in 2028. In addition, the CFLPA has approved an additional $1.225 million in ratification pool for players. The salary cap will stay at $5.35 million this year, $5.51 million for 2023 and $5.99 million in 2028. The CFLPA will also provide a second-round pick for each team that has the most Canadian starters on their rosters.