U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledged Tuesday to”rally global support” to help Gaza after a catastrophic war there while retaining any help from the palms of its militant Hamas rulers, since he started a regional trip to shore up last week’s cease-fire. The 11-day warfare involving Israel and Hamas killed over 250 people, mostly Palestinians, also caused widespread devastation from the impoverished coastal land.

The truce which came into effect Friday has up to now maintained, but it didn’t address some of the underlying problems from the Israeli-Palestinian battle, something Blinken confessed after meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We all know it to avoid a return to violence, we must use the area made to deal with a larger group of inherent difficulties and challenges. That starts with handling the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza and beginning to rebuild,” he explained.

“The United States will work to rally global support around that campaign while at the same time producing our own critical contributions.” He added that the U.S. would use its partners”to make sure that Hamas doesn’t gain from the reconstruction help.”

Blinken addressed the bigger battle, stating”we feel that Palestinians and Israelis alike deserve to live safely and firmly, to enjoy equal steps of freedom, democracy and opportunity, to be treated with dignity.”

Nevertheless, the best U.S. diplomat faces the very same hurdles which have stifled a broader peace process for at least a decade, such as a hawkish Israeli direction, Allied divisions and profoundly rooted anxieties surrounding Jerusalem and its holy sites. The Biden government had originally expected to avoid being drawn to the intractable conflict and concentrate on other foreign policy priorities until the violence broke out.

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Netanyahu, meanwhile, is still battling for his political life following a fourth largest election in a couple of decades.

Netanyahu barely mentioned the Palestinians in his opinions, where he warned of a”very strong” reaction if Hamas violates the cease-fire.

The Palestinians have objected to this speech, saying it threatens the rights of Israel’s own Palestinian minority.