Blake Shelton seems to have an issue with his co-worker vocal Coach Ariana Grande.

Talking to People The country singer revealed that pop stars “destroyed his goals” after she dropped the album Dangerous Woman on the same day the singer released his album “If I’m Honest in the year 2016.

“I put out the album and I was able to get an underlying momentum when I was at this point in my musical career,” he said.

“I was thrilled thinking that I might have a chance to own the top. number one album in the United States.”

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Blake’s dream was crushed when Blake received a phone email from his record label , telling the label that everything was “looking good” because the album had been No.1 on the album of country but was not a contender for the overall chart after Ariana took it for herself.

“Literally I might also have released an album on a coaster,” said Shelton.

“You have destroyed my music album!”