Bitcoin grows up to 12.5% ​​with special procedures and investor comments

The cryptomonads showed powerful appreciation on Monday (26) continuing gains from last week, with traders awaiting positive comments from prominent investors could signal a turnaround in the recent fragility of digital currencies.Bitcoin grows up to 12.5% ​​with special procedures and investor comments

The bitcoin reached up 12.5% during the session of Asia to the US $ 39,850.00, its highest since mid-June, while the ether reached $ 2393.51

By 9:15, bitcoin was up 8.82%, at $38,552.18, and ether was selling at $2,340, with an addition of 6.65%.

Last week, the enthusiast of digital coins and CEO of TeslaElon Musk, said the company would likely accept the bitcoin so conduct due diligence on their energy use. The electric car maker had suspended these payments in May, contributing to a strong sale of cryptocurrencies.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also said last week that digital currency is a “large part” of the social media company’s future, and on Sunday London City AM reported – citing a source – that Amazon is looking to accept bitcoin payments until the end of the year.

Traders said that taken together, the comments were enough to finally lift the market off the support floor, where it has held steady since the fall in May, while data also pointed to heavy trade settlements by short-sellers.

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“Over the past five negotiating sessions, we’ve seen an overall near-term demonstration in the market, driven by major technical (changes) as well as recent positive comments,” said Ryan Rabaglia, global head of trading for digital asset platform OSL.

“With a record $1.2 billion in short positions liquidated in the last 24 hours, the outlook and momentum for the week ahead are positive,” he said.





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