Billie Shepherd's Stunning Underwater Maternity Shoot

If you’re pregnant, then you’ve no doubt seen Billie Shepherd’s incredible underwater maternity shoot. The reality star and OK! VIP cover girl opens up about her journey to motherhood and the moment she found out she was expecting. You can see all of the stunning shots in full here.

Billie Shepherd’s underwater maternity shoot

OK! VIP has premiered an exclusive maternity shoot featuring Billie Shepherd. The star, who alienated her third pregnancy last June, opens up about her journey to motherhood and the moment she found out she was expecting. In the full video, she also shares details about her stunning underwater maternity shoot.

Billie Shepherd’s sister shares snaps of maternity shoot

Billie Shepherd’s sister, Sue, has shared snaps of an underwater maternity shoot in the Maldives. The star, who announced her pregnancy in September, travelled with her family to the beautiful tropical destination. In the photos, Billie posed in a striped bikini top that struggled to cover her 30H cleavage, while hugging her daughter, Nelly.

Billie Faiers’ wrecked house

OK! VIP magazine has released the breathtaking underwater maternity shoot of Billie Shepherd. The pregnant model announced her third pregnancy last June and has been documenting her pregnancy journey on Instagram. In the first photo, she poses in a striped bikini top. As she struggles to conceal her 30-inch cleavage, she embraces her daughter Nelly.

The stunning maternity shoot took place during her second trimester, which ended at ten weeks. After her second browse, she told her family about the pregnancy. Later, she joined the camera aggregation for The Family Diaries. The actress has said that she is a “workaholic” and told herself that she would be unable to stop active until after giving birth.

After the shoot, Billie and Greg have been sharing their photos and videos on social media. Billie shared a picture of herself on Greg’s shoulders, holding a snorkel on her head. The couple also shared a picture of the newlyweds’ wedding reception, where Greg’s mate shared a candid photo.