Biden: The latest cyberattack by the US government is not yet known

Business, Sam Fossum and Arlette Senz

Sunday’s White House appealed to companies that believe their systems were compromised by ransomware attacks on Kaseya software vendor, to report it immediately to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.


“Since Friday the United States Government worked across the interagency in order to assess the Kaseya ransomware attack and assist with the response,” Anne Neuberger, deputy national advisor for cyber- and emerging technology, stated. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, (CISA), have been working together with Kaseya and coordination has been made to reach victims who were impacted.”

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Ravil malware was used to attack a variety of IT management firms and compromise hundreds of corporate clients last week. Cybersecurity experts believe that the cybercriminal gang originated in Russia or Eastern Europe and targeted Kaseya, a key vendor of software products used by many IT management companies.

President Joe Biden stated Saturday that while the US government was not sure who was behind the attack on Saturday, he directed federal agencies to help in the response.

“The truth is that I instructed the intelligence community for a deep dive into what’s occurred and I’ll be better tomorrow. “And if it’s either with the knowledge and/or consequence of Russia, then we will respond,” Biden stated Saturday in reference to his meeting last month with Putin.

“We are not sure. He said that the initial thought was not that it was the Russian government, but that we aren’t certain yet.”

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