As per a letter from Superintendent Michael Bregy, students were coming back to the school to an after school activity if they were accosted by thieves who stole a product from 1 student and attempted to sneak more. The victims appear to have been picked randomly, Bregy said, because they weren’t wearing any identifiable BHHS paraphernalia. Bregy said students tackled the matter in”the safest and best way possible throughout this incident.” Bregy explained that Beverly Hills police arrived on scene within two minutes, and he attended the scene soon after.

The Beverly Hills Unified School District and the Beverly Hills Police Department are conducting a “thorough investigation” into the incident, Bregy said. Beverly Hills Police Department spokesperson Lt. Max Subin said that the department is preparing a report with more details that are going to be published Wednesday. As of this moment, the amount of students, the specific location of the robbery, and specifics on injuries or arrests aren’t available.

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Beverly Hills High School students were robbed approaching the college Monday afternoon the district has verified. Students Robbed Outdoor Beverly Hills High School “There is not any sign of any further danger or threat to the community,” Bregy wrote.