Bethany and Alisa Gore

Bethany Gore and Alisa Gore are married and live in different cities. It is unclear if they have had any discussions about the movie. According to the official website, the actress is a kindergarten teacher, and her husband Allan Gore was having an affair with his neighbor, Candy Montgomery. It is assumed that the murder of Alisa and Bethany Gore was an act of self-defense, as Allan resisted her advances.

Betty Gore was a kindergarten teacher

After being fired from her job at a kindergarten, Betty Gore became a very close friend of Alice’s. One day, she went over to her house to pick up Alisa Gore, who had been sleeping in her room. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. Afterward, she saw Candy Montgomery leaving the house, so she ran over and confronted her. She confessed that she had slept over at Candy Montgomery’s house the night before.

When the new school year began in the fall of 1978, Betty decided to get pregnant. But she was not ready to take time off from teaching. She wanted everything to be planned down to the day and week so that she wouldn’t have to miss a single day. In addition, her sex life had dwindled to almost nothing. Allan convinced her that it was stress-related.

Betty Gore had two children with Allan. After the birth of her first child, she married Allan and later became a high school teacher in Collin County. Her daughter, Lisa, and her daughter, Bethany, lived with their parents in Kansas. In the intervening period between their deaths and Candy Montgomery’s trial, Allan lost custody of the girls. Today, the girls live with their parents, Jonn and Bethany, along with Sam and Jacob Harder.

Her husband Allan Gore had an affair with her next-door neighbor Candy Montgomery

Alisa Gore’s husband Alla Gore had an affair with her neighbor Candy in 1978. They first met while Allan was working as a teaching assistant at a college class that Betty attended. The two married in 1970 and had a daughter together. However, they argued frequently and became increasingly distant. Eventually, Allan decided to call off the affair because his wife was expecting a child.

In June 1980, the Gores’ neighbor visited their home to buy Alisa a swimsuit. Gore’s neighbor was a friend of the family. Candy Montgomery offered to pick Alisa up and bring her to the swimming lesson. The Gores’ neighbor was in town for business and was shocked to discover the affair between Allan Gore and Montgomery.

The affair began after Candy’s husband began a flirtatious relationship with Allan’s neighbor. It began when Allan teased Candy about her volleyball skills and gave her sly winks. In addition, the two met regularly after Candy’s choir practice, when others had left, they would chat.

Candy Montgomery killed alisa and bethany gore in self-defense

Candy Montgomery was acquitted of the murders of Bethany and Alisa Gore in 1996. She claimed that she acted in self-defense. The acquittal of Montgomery stunned the community. She later moved to Georgia and became a family counselor. However, forensic psychologist John Delatorre questions the validity of Montgomery’s psychiatric explanation. He argues that a child’s memory would not cause a person to kill someone in self-defense.

The case was covered by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson in 1984. They also produced a book titled Evidence of Love about the case. The book helped in the making of two series. The book also included a biography of Candy Montgomery. Although the book is fictional, it is based on true events.

The trial of Candy Montgomery began in October 1980 and lasted for eight days in McKinney, Texas. The jury included nine women and three men. The trial was complicated because Candy Montgomery confessed to the murders after she was confronted by the two women. However, the jury found that she had killed the two women in self-defense. The women were fighting for Allan’s attention. According to Candy, Betty Gore asked Candy if she was having an affair.

Allan Gore resisted alisa’s advances

Alisa Harder graduated from Norwich High School and studied accounting at Kansas State University. She and her brother Jonn live in Kansas, and sometimes correspond with Allan through Facebook. Their mother, Betty, remained in the background, while Alisa is a teacher and works at a multinational conglomerate corporation.

Candy and Allan started flirting with each other in a more subtle way. They’d joke around about volleyball skills and give each other sly winks. They’d chat after choir practice, or loiter in the parking lot for awhile while everyone else went home. They were clearly not a couple yet, but they soon started dating.

Betty Pomeroy was a popular girl in Norwich, Kansas. She had met her future husband, a math teacher, at college. When the couple married, Betty and Allan were surprised by their close friends. Allan was a small, plain man with horn-rimmed glasses and a shy personality. But Betty objected to Allan’s plans to return to work and she was suspicious of his motives.

In 1978, Allan and Candy went out together again. They met at a volleyball game and realized that they could give each other fireworks. Despite their reservations, they agreed to keep the affair impersonal. On Dec. 12, 1978, the two began to have an affair.

Don Crowder took his own life

Don Crowder was not a typical murder suspect. He was a famous attorney who became known after defending Candy Montgomery. After the trial, he received numerous death threats. He later co-authored a book about the case, called Evidence of Love, with his friend Jim Atkinson.

Don Crowder had a love for his family and had twin daughters. After settling down, he refocused on establishing his own personal injury practice. After a divorce from his first wife, Crowder married Carol Parker and took on two of her two children. He was a great father to all three children. After settling down in Dallas, he took up his law practice again and had two more children with his second wife, Sheri Crowder.

Crowder’s childhood dream was to become a football star. He played basketball and baseball and even earned the nickname “Crazy Crowder” while playing football at Southern Methodist University. After a serious eye injury, he turned to the law. While he was still able to play football, he found that he was most comfortable in the courtroom. Although he was no longer able to play football, he maintained a happy family life.

Candy was acquitted of murder

The case of Candy Gore and the murder of Bethany and Alisa Gore has polarizing views. While Candy was acquitted of murder, her brother says she was guilty of the crime. Bethany Gore, who was a year old when she was killed, still bears bad blood for her mother. She is convinced that Candy was acquitted in an unjust case.

Candy and Allan were sexually unsatisfied with each other and had agreed to end their affair if it became too intimate. They had met in a church-sponsored couples’ retreat. They both denied any involvement in the murder, and Candy refused to take a polygraph test.

The case remained controversial for years. Although Candy was acquitted of the murders, the crime was so violent that it made her a suspect. The axe was used 41 times before the victim was dead. In addition, the killers left with the children, claiming that they were playing.

Candy was married for ten years and later had an affair with Betty Gore. The two were not happy with each other and had fought before she left. In the process, Betty was afraid she was pregnant again. Allan was an electrical engineer with a Dallas-based tech company. The couple had three children.

Bethany and Alisa Gore have bad blood with Candy Montgomery

It is unknown why Alisa and Bethany Gore have bad blood with Candy Montgomery, but the alleged killer is a female. Betty Gore, a married mother of two, and Candy Montgomery met during their college days. While they were both married, they had a daughter, Alisa, and were having an affair. Their affair began when the two met on the volleyball court at a church. In the summer of 1978, Candy Montgomery and Allan began dating. The couple met frequently in Richardson, Texas, and met up on occasion at the Como Motel. However, Allan Gore abruptly ended their affair when his daughter was born.

The two women were once best friends. They had attended the same church. But things went bad between the two. In 1980, the two women got into a physical altercation. Betty Gore confronted Montgomery about her affair, and the two women grew angry. While they were angry, they tried to avenge her death with an ax. However, Montgomery lost her cool and killed her friend anyway. She then claimed self-defense, and was charged with murder.

Candy and Allan were once best friends. But when the two men became too close, Allan convinced Candy to end the affair. This was not what Candy wanted to do. They were both uncomfortable with the idea of having a sex-free relationship. However, they managed to spend some time together before Allan found out about Candy’s affair.