As natural explorers, students tend to seek ways that help them to learn in a way that makes studying more exciting and fun. The presence of tech gadgets that do not cost a fortune can become an efficient solution when you need to translate something, record a lengthy lecture, or look up information fast while away from the desk. Since students are always on the move, they also need their share of technology to feel safe and at home, as they learn, so it goes beyond using smartphones and helpful apps! 

Best Tech Gadgets For Students Under $50 

  • JBL Go 3 Waterproof Speaker. 

If you enjoy listening to music and love spending your time outside as you work out or spend time with your best friends at the picnic, you should consider this affordable smart speaker that would not mind a bit of rain or a water accident! It’s only $49.95, and you might not expect an awesome sound system, yet sound clarity will surprise you! It’s a great way to go when you need your music with the famous JBL quality! 

  • Amazon Fire 7. 

It’s hard to believe that they offer all of that, considering the price. It provides all the necessary tools to browse the web, watch your videos, browse through your favorite Netflix series, read e-books, and even shop online. If you cannot afford an iPad or do not want to spend a fortune, this friendly device will greatly help if you are a school or a college student. If you are still feeling lost, consider Lords of Papers as you seek help by asking experts for more assistance. Using Amazon Fire 7 will always keep you covered! 

  • Jlab Wireless Headphones. 

These are only $27.99 and have a special built-in element that helps to keep the volume at safe hearing levels. These are ideal for middle and high school students who are studying remotely or want to hear every recorded session well. They are wireless, so there will be no accidents or wire clutter for active youngsters. It is one of those tech gadgets that you should consider!

  • Wyze Light Strip Pro. 

The presence of light in your room is paramount as you are studying or hosting a party with your friends. It’s never good when it’s dark and gloomy, especially if you are already feeling exhausted and tired as the list of tasks to complete is in front of you. Paying only $49.98, these smart lights will add more life to your room by making things futuristic. It will also inspire you for creative writing or help you start with a new hobby as you create a cozy learning environment. Since these are programmable, you will set them exactly to your liking! 

  • Apple’s Air Tag Tracking 

The purpose is to track your expensive Apple Inc devices as they are misplaced, stolen, or lost. This small device, at only $28.99, will help you to keep track of your valuable possessions. It is always possible to put them on bags or your car keys as it will track them down as well. 

Keeping Your Life Charged!

Let’s not forget about the importance of a good power bank that will help to keep your phone and other small devices charged. It is never good when your phone’s battery runs low, or you miss the end of your favorite show! Although the laptop chargers will cost beyond $50, the solutions that are meant for your phone and the Kindle will remain affordable. Anker PowerCore may be an awesome option to consider in your search for the best portable charger. It is exactly the case when you must not spare but check for a good device that will not overheat and provide you with a spare energy source during an important task! 


Charlotte Banks is a true technology geek who loves spending hours seeking those tech solutions that always appear online. As an educator and a business consultant, Charlotte loves to share her discoveries as she writes. Follow Charlotte to start with a wonderful and inspiring journey.