If you are looking for an adventure that is full of excitement and joy and preparing yourself for the long hikes, then your footwear is crucial for your adventure. 

Hiking in the summer requires extra gadgets to make the adventure memorable and safe. 

Socks and shoes are the best footwear for summer hiking, and wearing the right pair of socks is the key to success on a long trip.

And If you are planning for a long hike and don’t pick up the right pair of socks, then your feet might spoil your mood.  

Hiking socks are the ones that keep your feet comfortable and dry all the day and miles, even miles.

Are you finding the pair of socks that are best for the for the hiking so you are on the right page.

In this article, we will explain to you which socks are best to use for hiking. 

Here are our top picks of socks that are mostly used by hikers.

Top Eight (8) Best Hiking Socks. 

Check out our top favourite selection of socks, and if you want to know more, then read our top picks in in-depth detail.

1. Best Mid-Length Hiking Socks Seal Skinz sand proof socks.

2. Best NO-Show Socks Mudgear Premium Socks.

3. Best Lightweight Socks  Danish Endurance light hiking socks

4. Best Crew Length Socks Mirmaru Multi colour socks.

5. Best Merino Wool Socks Darn Tough merino wool.

6. Best ultra cool lite Socks Wigwam Cool lite socks.

7. Best over the calf Socks Ice-breaker Hike socks.

8. Best Liner Toe Socks  Injinji light hiking socks.

  Best Mid-Length Hiking Socks.

    •  SealSkinz Sand Proof Socks

Socks were the most underrated part of clothes at that time, and they provided comfort and protected your feet during hiking.

When it comes to hiking, you need that type of socks which give you ultimate comfort and prevent your feet from blistering.

seal skinz socks
Seal Skinz Socks

Seal Skinz socks are the best hiking socks; they are relatively thick for cold temperature regulation. They provide them extra durability, and their thick fabric gets their feet warmer during hiking. 

As these socks are water resistant, so they keep the feet dry and don’t allow water to disturb your foot work throughout the whole adventure.


  • Outer layer – 62% polycolon, 29% nylon, 9% elastane.                           
  • Middle Layer -100% Hydrophilic Membrane.
  • Inner Layer – 36% Merino Wool, 36% Acrylic, 18% Polyester, 5%Nylon,5% Elastane.


Hiking socks come in a variety of different heights or lengths but these all up to the hikers which socks they want to choose or wear.

Seal Skinz socks are mid-length socks, and they typically set 8-9 inches when measuring from the ankle and coming up to the midpoint of the leg. 

They come in a variety of different colours, such as black, grey marl and navy blue.

They are available in the global market in sizes small to X large.


. Waterproof and highly breathable                    

Suitable for a variety of climates

. Moisture control and provide comfort


 . Little bit expensive

Best NO-Show Socks

  • Mudgear Premium Socks

    mud gear socks
    Mud Gear Socks

If you are looking for the ultimate footgear that covers your feet and gives you a unique look with your footwear, then Mudgear premium socks are for you.

These socks are no-show type socks, and most people wear these socks during heating days of hiking.  

Some hikers don’t like to show socks as they are worried about their personality and want to look great, so they always choose no-show socks.  

These are premium socks as they give your footwear an amazing look and protect your feet from blisters throughout a long distance.  

Their fabric provides extra flexibility and helps the feet without damaging the skin. In fact, these socks provide a hidden comfort to your feet.


  • Outer Layer- 47% Merino Wool
  • Middle Layer – 37% recycled nylon
  • Inner Layer- 12% nylon/4% elastane 


These are invisible socks which come in the global market in lengths between 2.75 – 4.5 cm.

They are made especially for the low shoe socks that do not give you comfort. Also, you can out-drees òthers easily with the unique footwear. 

These socks come in varying colors, such as black and grey, and they are available in sizes between small and large.


. Superior moisture wicking socks                    

. Prevent blisters and keep dry 

. Provide breathability


 . Not as durable at some places.  

Best Lightweight Socks 

  • Danish Endurance Ski Hiking Socks.

These are the best light weighted socks that hikers usually pick with their hiking boots.

The unique blend of fabric provides a fantastic combo of breathability and comfort while hiking.

It’s very affordable. We tested these socks in both cold and summer weather, and they thermoregulated well across all conditions.

danish wool socks
Danish Endurance Socks

These Danish endurance socks are best used for those hikers who like lower weights socks and they pack easily in the preparing bag without any hustle   

They provide your feet extra flexibility during hiking; using these socks for a long time may increase your foot experience.

They keep the feet safe from toe to ankle throughout the adventure without any inconvenience.  

These socks wick quick sweat and evaporate fast, so your feet stay comfortably dry.  


  • Outer layer-30% Merino wool
  • Middle Layer- 36%nylon
  • Inner Layer -33%acrylic,1%elastane


These socks are available in calf length; they are ideal for hiking in mountains or stone deserts. 

Hikers have the tradition of using mid calf socks, which are perfect for long-distance hiking. 

These are available in the market in between 6 cm to above the calf


 Good thermoregulation                  

 Nice cushioning

 . Soft on the skin 


. Less wool content 

Best Crew Length Socks

  • Mirmaru Multi Color Socks.

When you are trekking in the mountains and Himalayas you will thank yourself for bringing along the Mirmaru socks.

Mirmaru socks are constructed with a mix of Cotton and polyester and they are specially designed to help you during hiking. 

These socks provide an inner comfort to your feet and keep the feet dry from wet conditions.

These socks are reinforced with high-density fibres and provide extra elasticity during walking or hiking. 

Hikers mostly use these socks in the summer because these socks provide extra comfort and prevent your feet from blistering.

mirmaru socks
Mirmaru  Hiking Socks


  • Outer Layer -55% combed Cotton 
  • Middle Layer – 40% polyester
  • Inner layer – 13% rubber,2% spandex fibres


These socks are actually crew-length socks which are best for hiking. 

There is a tradition for hikers to pick crew length as these socks provide extra insulation in adventure.

Crew lengths are the ideal length for hikers as they cover the leg calf muscle and help them in long hikes. 

These socks come in 6 cm to the calf muscle and are available in the most favourite five (5) in the global market. 

 These five colours are olive, charcoal, black, navy and grey


. Extra durable.                                          

. Quick to dry 

. Maintaining temperature


. Not so comfortable.

Best Merino Wool Socks

  • Darn Tough Merino Wool.

These socks are great for high-intensity outdoors and hiking. They provide your feet with extra insulation and flexibility.

Darn tough socks
Darn tough hikers socks

Their extra merino wool gives you a confirmation message that your feet will be in safe hands.

They are odour resistant, and their fabric does not produce bad odour even when used for a long time.

These fabric have extra durability, which gives you a quality lifetime sock without damaging in socks. 

These are usually used in both weathers and especially in water because their inner fabric has high breathability which dry the feet quickly. 


  • Outer Layer -61% merino
  • Middle Layer- 36% nylon 
  • Inner Layer -3% spandex 


These socks are usually micro crew in height, and they come in worldwide in between 6.5 to 8.5 cm.

They are available in different attractive colours and multiple designs, which hikers mostly like.

They are available worldwide in different sizes, from small to X large.


. Highly breathable                                                  

. Quick dry 

. Well fitted


. Shorter in length 

Best ultra cool lite Socks

  • Wigwam Cool lite Socks.

If you are looking for light coverage socks that help you to keep the feet dry and provide extra elasticity, then wigwam cool lite socks are the best option for you.

They are ideally used in hot weather when sweat is at its peaks.

crew socks
                                              Wigwam Hiking Socks

These socks quickly cool the feet and keep your mood fresh throughout the adventure.

Your footwear is the key for your adventure. If you satisfy your feet, then you can avoid problems while hiking. 

They are relatively very thin for good temperature regulation, and having light cushioning is the main purpose for hiking.

These socks provide extra elastic support from arch to toe and keep the feet and fingers engaged with each other for high hikes. 


  • Outer Layer- 48% Polyester
  • Middle Layer- 23% X2O Acrylic, 21% Stretch Nylon
  • Inner Layer- 7% Tencel, 1% Spandex


These are quarter-length socks which come in a market between 4.25 to 6.25 cm.

These shorter lengths are often worn with low hiking boots as they provide extra elasticity during hiking. 

These socks come in between small to large sizes and are available in 8 different attractive colours 


. Soft on the skin                                         

. Light cushioning 

. Quickly dry


 . Not good for all climates

Best over the calf Socks

  • Ice-breaker Hike socks.

If you are looking for more coverage, than ice-breaker socks are the finest option you go for.

These socks are specially made for cold weather as they keep the feet dry in hard conditions. 

These socks are constructed mainly with merino wool which are ideally used during hiking in the mountains or himalayas.

ice breaker socks
Ice Breaker Hiking Socks

These socks offer a great amount of warmth and have well-moisturizing fabric, which makes the socks unique to others.

They provide insulation and support to socks to fit exactly between ankle to fingers.

Their reinforced fabric supplies extra comfort and increases the life of socks so they can be used for a long time. 


  • Outer Layer- 80% Merino Wool
  • Middle layer-19% Nylon, 
  • Inner layer-1% Lycra


These socks come in the market with a length of over a calf and are available in the market between 9 to 11 cm.

These socks are accessible in the market in various colours and available in small to large sizes.


. Provide extra coverage.                                 

Highly breathable.
. Comfortable to wear


 little bit expensive 

Best Liner Toe Socks 

  • Injinji Light Hiking Socks.

These socks are one of the most well-known socks in the market because of their unique shape. 

These socks are highly breathable, affordable, and provide ultimate comfort to the hiker’s feet. 

They do a great job in keeping the feet warm and preventing feet from skin damage and have an extra moisture-wicking material which is good for hiking.

Injinji socks are the best hiking socks to prevent blistering; in motion, these socks provide incredible warmth. 

These socks provide extra durability and can be easily used for long distances without disturbing the mood.

These socks have unique toe designs, which are good for reducing friction.

Injinji socks
         Injinji Hiking Socks


  • Outer layer-28% Cool max.
  • Middle Layer- 67% Nylon.
  • Inner layer-5% Lycra.


These socks mostly come in ankle pair socks with an extra separation of fingers around them. 

They are available in the market in between sizes 5-6 cm and also come in different colours as well.

 Sizes that are easily accessible in the market are medium or large.


. Prevent blisters.                              

Keep feet dry 

. Comfortable to wear


  . Not provide extra durability