The attorney representing 22 women who have sued Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson for sexual assault, said on Tuesday that Watson’s Miami Dolphins demanded Watson settle the lawsuits pending before he could accept an offer to trade him with their club.

Miami has reportedly pulled out of the agreement after it was clarified that the settlement would not take place in the near future. Watson was still in Houston after the trade deadline on Tuesday.

In an declaration made public from KRIV Houston, Tony Buzbee the attorney for women claimed that talks between Dolphins and Texans have stalled following the time Miami requested the settlement and reiterated that the 22 , if there was a settlement, it “wasn’t gonna happen,” and “whether there’s a deal or not, really has nothing to do with us.”

“Then [Miami] lowered that number. I made it clear that wasn’t gonna happen. Watson’s team was trying to sell the Dolphins on some lower number and I think that never came to pass,” Buzbee continued. “I don’t know where it came from, but there was an insistence of a very, very robust non-disclosure agreement and we pushed back on that very hard.”

“I don’t care if [Watson] gets traded or not…I’m just gonna continue to pursue the case, continue to do my due diligence on the case and start preparing the case for hopefully a trial,” Buzbee said.

The Dolphins were reported to be one of four teams that were open to trading Watson in the summer months as were other teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

Watson is among the highly-preferred quarterbacks of his time, Watson, 25, was the quarterback who led his team of Clemson Tigers to the national championship . He was chosen to be his fellow Texans in the first round of 2017. NFL Selection.

However, his professional life was ruined by a string of sexual misconduct accusations that began in March 2021. an Houston massage Therapist accused him of inappropriate conduct. She also claimed that Watson had approached him for sexual sex.

A number of women came forward during the month alleging sexual harassment by Watson when he massaged them. By the end of April, the volume of civil lawsuits against Watson’s quarterback had reached the total of 22.

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The allegations concern the following: Watson exposes himself, forcing his hands on his genitals and forcing victims to engage in oral sexual relations.

A woman that brought suit is said to have described Watson Watson a “serial predator.”

Watson’s lawyer Watson released a statement in denial of the allegations and stating Watson’s lawyer stated that “these lawsuits are replete with mischaracterizations of Mr. Watson’s conduct. These range from being misleading, to fraudulent, to slanderous.”

Watson’s legal team has also said that they’d discovered “numerous allegations in this onslaught of cases are simply not true or accurate.”