Apple Testing iPhones That Ditch Lightning Ports in Favor of USB-C

Rumors that Apple is testing iPhones that ditch their lightning ports in favor of USB-C have been circulating online for quite some time. However, a recent report by Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple may be testing USB-C-compatible iPhones as early as May. The change would have a mixed effect on existing Apple users, but it would help newcomers. Third-party accessory makers would have to redesign their products if Apple makes it happen.

Reports from Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo have suggested that Apple will ditch the Lightning connector in its new iPhone models in 2023. Although Kuo did not provide specific details, he did mention that the company is testing a USB-C adapter that would allow current iPhone models to work with USB-C. The switch may be due to new laws that will come into effect in Europe.

While a portless iPhone would be a great convenience, it would also mean less Apple control of the accessory market. Using the Lightning connector could cost Apple millions of dollars, and charging cables would be almost worthless. However, Apple doesn’t want to lose this exclusivity. That’s why it licenses its Lightning connector to third-party manufacturers and sells them separately.

Although the new law has not been passed yet, it would force Apple to switch to USB-C. In the meantime, Apple is still testing USB-C-equipped iPhones. However, the switch from Lightning to USB-C is not likely to happen until 2023. The switch may come as early as 2023. It is too early to say. The Wall Street Journal has a poor track record with Apple leaks.

A recent Wall Street Journal report has suggested that Apple is testing USB-C-compatible iPhones. A new report claims that Apple will make three new iPhones this year, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone Max. One of the new models is expected to have a curved OLED display, which is a Samsung-developed technology. The report also says that Apple will replace the Lightning port with a USB Type-C connector.

It is unknown if Apple will implement the switch anytime soon. While fans appreciate that Apple stays true to its own path, they also prefer that the company keeps pace with the rest of the tech world. It is also important to note that some third-party accessories will continue to support the Lightning connector. It is worth pointing out that Apple isn’t committing to a switch until 2023, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to make the transition.