Apple Accidentally Leaks Surprise Upgrades In New iPhone Release

If you haven’t heard, Apple accidentally leaked a few surprises in the new iPhone release. In addition to the aforementioned leaks of the iPhone 14 design and iOS 15.5 software, the company also accidentally revealed satellite calling and Next-generation Macs. Read on to discover what you can expect from the new iPhone. Also, stay tuned for our next Apple leak: iOS 16.1!

Leaks of iOS 15.5

Apple’s next major update, iOS 15, is rumored to include a redesign of app icons. The change will enable services like Netflix and Spotify to create accounts outside of the App Store. This change is not yet finalized, but it is expected to bring a number of improvements to Apple’s software. The new version of iOS will require the user to connect their device to a power source and enable the user to download the latest beta version.

Next-generation Macs

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple accidentally leaked its next big hardware upgrade in a beta release of iOS 15.5 that’s due out next week. The code has revealed a few surprises. The next iPhone may feature an ultra-slim design, or it might have support for the company’s next-generation Macs. If so, it could be an early glimpse of what’s to come.

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iPhone 8 design

The latest iPhone rumor says that Apple has accidentally leaked details of the next major hardware update in iOS 15.5 beta code. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported the details in his weekly Power On newsletter. In the report, Gurman says the new software will include “a host of new features and improvements for iOS devices.” The next release of iOS will be due next week. There are a lot of new features planned for the next iPhone, and Apple has decided to reveal more about them than just its new phone.

Satellite calling

The latest report on iPhone 13 features indicates that Apple is considering implementing Satellite calling. Unlike the upcoming iPhone X, satellite communication will only work in certain markets and places without cell service. The feature is not intended to replace cell service, but to provide a back-up in emergency situations. Apple is also reportedly considering launching its own satellites, but the development of these will take years. So don’t expect to see satellite calling for non-emergency situations anytime soon.

iPhone charger

The iPhone 14 will be a major upgrade for the company, and leakers have already revealed its most impressive features. However, the iPhone 14 has more to offer than just a new look. Apple has accidentally leaked some of its more exclusive upgrades in the iOS 15.5 beta code, which is currently available for public download. The code indicates enhanced News and Focus functionality. Both of these are definite upgrades for the iPhone 14, and it’s likely Apple will use these to boost the iPhone’s overall performance.