Screenshot from the video of anna russ wearing the bread shoe on her TikTok account

Nowadays, Tiktokers are getting worse while creating content just to gain followers, reach and most of all people’s attention. TikTok is a great platform and can be used for better things but still there are a lot of content creators that are not using their fame wisely. A tiktoker Anna Rothfuss posted a video on her tiktok account @bananalovesyoutoo on 31st of March 2021. Anna has 1.3 Million Followers with 16.1 Million likes on it. So, the video did got into attention.

This is something that should have been addressed earlier by other tiktokers but talking about it will simply give the tiktoker more attention which is clearly the intention in the first place of posting something like this.

In this video Anna Rothfuss cut a bread and turn it into a shoe. She also captioned:
Breadroom Slippers! That’s so comfortable …. costs $1


Breadroom Slippers! #Lifehack #hack #fyp #foryoupage #viral #tiktok #food

♬ original sound – Anna Rothfuss

Her fans got furious and the comment box was soon filled with the hatred from every community. Well which is common because there are some cities and countries where there is shortage of food. Especially in a year like 2021 which is going to be a bad year for food hunger.

Anna Rothfuss (Bananalovesyoutoo) Other TikTok Posts:

This video was only a start and the tiktoker is still publishing content. The dailyreuters team reviewed the tiktok profile because this is something that should be taken into account. Anna Rothfuss seems to be a food blogger because most of the posts were about food but the thing is food bloggers honor the food not disgrace the food.


when she bites into it….😬 #fyp #foryoupage #foodhacks #pranks #viral #tiktok #duetwithme

♬ original sound – Anna Rothfuss


Daily Reuters mentioned this topic not to give the attention because the videos were already getting enough visitors. The reason to put it is that only the public can stop this kind of behavior which is clearly happening but on a big level. Even if someone has 10 followers. Posting anything to tolerate something like this will effect.

Report by Anna Stark