DAI against USDT

Find out right now what is common and different between DAI vs Tether!

Dai is a collateralized, decentralized currency. Making the Maker Protocol, on which DAI tokens are created and sold, more powerful and user-friendly is one of its main goals. Ethereum (ETH) is the blockchain technology behind Dai (DAI), a stablecoin. The goal is to keep its value at one US dollar. Dai is not backed by U.S. dollars in a bank account like controlled stablecoins. On the Maker platform, instead, the MKR token serves as collateral.

Maker DAI aims to create a reliable stablecoin. US Dollars underlie DAI. Stablecoins handle price volatility, a major concern with existing cryptocurrencies. However, maker-based DAI varies from other stablecoins. DAI’s biggest draw is that it combines the Ethereum blockchain’s dependability with a stablecoin’s predictability.

With Maker DAI, anybody can create a CDP, deposit ETH as collateral, and start using the newly created DAI tokens. These DAIs may be traded on the secondary market by the use of other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency on different exchanges.

It’s straightforward: when ETH is deposited as collateral, a CDP is created as a financial instrument with its credit amount denominated in Stablecoin DAI. The issued DAI cannot be refunded until the deposited ETH is returned.

Tether (USDT) is one of the oldest Stablecoins in circulation, having launched in 2014. This method protected investors from cryptocurrency price swings by maintaining a one-to-one reserve ratio between the crypto token (tether) and its fiat currency (the US dollar). This method lets merchants transfer their assets across exchanges.

Tether is based on the Bitcoin blockchain and is developed on top of a protocol known as the Omni layer.

Tethers may be stored, transferred, and spent like other cryptocurrencies. The reserve fiat money is turned into a cryptocurrency while keeping its price tether. Tether tokens may be kept in Bitcoin wallets, accepted on cryptocurrency exchanges, and have no transaction fees. Tether Limited, the custodian, charges a small fee for new tokens to earn money.

Tether continues to dominate the stablecoin market in terms of volume and market size at the time of writing.

Key Benefits


  • Risk-free financial independence DAI is fast, user-controlled, price-stable money. Trading ETH tokens for fiat cash provide liquidity without losing tokens.
  • Maker Protocol (the smart contracts that drive Dai) is governed and controlled by its community of MKR token holders.
  • ecosystem that is growing quickly Wallets, DeFi platforms, games, and more have all incorporated Dai.
  • Due to each transaction burning MKR, demand is projected to climb. Like BitCoin, the scenario may be a supply-and-demand situation..


  • The Oldest of the Group Tether is a tried-and-true idea that has established itself over time with the greatest stability and track record, winning the confidence of traders.
  • Tether has a 93% market share among Stablecoins in terms of market capitalization, making it the most valuable stable currency by a wide margin. It’s also very liquid and widely used since it can be exchanged for 396 other cryptocurrencies.
  • Support from Exchanges: Tether’s popularity has led other marketplaces to accept clients without US dollar bank accounts. Since Tether has grown popular as a hedge against bitcoin price volatility, exchanges have had to accept this arrangement.

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