An Olympic runner Has Been banned after testing positive for a Steroid. She thinks it is a false positive by a pork burrito

Olympic runner Shelby Houlihan stated she’s been banned by the game for four years after a positive test for anabolic steroids she features into eating a pork burrito.

Houlihan stated she was devastated to know about their suspension in the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), an independent body that combats doping after she tested positive for nandrolone.

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Houlihan stated in a post on Instagram Monday a burrito she consumed before the evaluation comprised pig organ beef, or offal, which she said could result in a positive test for nandrolone. A study financed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) found trace amounts of nandrolone are discovered in that sort of meat and cautioned about the chance of a false positive.

The ban will prevent the 28-year-old from competing at the forthcoming US Olympic Trials and the Tokyo Olympic Games. Doping offenses and offenses have contributed to numerous bans of athletes and even entire nations from competing, such as a two-year prohibition on Russia in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).


The runner stated she received an email from AIU on January 14, 2021, telling her that a drug test she took on December 15, 2020, returned positive to nandrolone.

“Once I got that email needed to read it on about ten occasions and google exactly what it had been I had tested positive,” she explained in this article. “I had never heard of nandrolone.”

What’s nandrolone?
Nandrolone is a synthetic, anabolic steroid analog of testosterone, according to the National Institutes of Health.

NIH says it may be utilized for testosterone replacement treatment to improve nitrogen retention and fat muscle mass.

Houlihan stated after she heard of the positive evaluation, she put together a log of what she ate the week before the evaluation.

“We reasoned that the most likely explanation was a burrito bought and consumed about 10 hours before that drug evaluation in a true Mexican food truck which serves pig offal near my home in Beaverton, Oregon,” she explained.

Particular cows produce the compound character, with pig penis beef, or offal, obtaining the greatest amounts of nandrolone, she stated in her post.

Olympic ambitions hurried
Houlihan said she discovered on June 11 her explanation for this positive evaluation wasn’t approved by the Court of Arbitration, prompting the Student ban.

“I feel totally shattered, broken, lost, angry, confused, and betrayed by the sport that I’ve adored and poured myself to only to see how great I had been,” the runner stated in her post. “I need to be quite clear. I’ve not ever taken any performance-enhancing stuff. And that includes that of that I’m being accused.”

Houlihan stated she did what she could to establish her innocence and return to her beloved game, such as passing a polygraph test and with her own hair sampled.

“WADA consented that evaluation revealed that there wasn’t any build-up of the substance in my own body, which there could have been if I had been taking it frequently,” Houlihan said.

Houlihan’s coach Jerry Schumacher called the organizations out who prohibited the runner in an announcement Monday, saying AIU and WADA are treating her”unfairly,” preventing her from participating at the Olympics despite knowing about the matter with pork and nandrolone.

AIU told Daily Reuters that it”applies the World Anti-Doping Code evenly to athletes from throughout the world.” Houlihan’s case” was discovered by a three-member panel in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), making its decision after hearing arguments and evidence in the athlete’s attorneys and the AIU,” an announcement from AIU explained.

The trainer said he understands Houlihan is innocent and”has had her whole career removed from her for something that she did not do.”

In terms of Houlihan, she stated the dream she has had since she had been 5-years-old was ripped off.

“Since I started running when I was 5 years old, I have had fantasies of conducting professionally, putting documents, winning an Olympic gold medal, also becoming among the very best on earth. I’ve always kindly thought I was great enough to attain those items,” she explained.

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Now that she has been accused of doping, the runner has doubled back on her love of this game.

“I think in the game and pushing your own body to the limit simply to see where the limitation is. I am not interested in cheating,” she explained. “I really don’t do so to the accolades, cash, or for folks to understand my name. I do so because I really like it. I have as much fun doing this and it is always the best aspect of my daily life.”