American Football player stuns teammates by singing Andrea Bocelli anthem

This American Football player is a future opera singer. He’s stunned his teammates when he decided to perform the national anthem. The video has since gained 1.2 million views. He’s currently attending the University of Cincinnati, studying Musical Theater. He’s on track to graduate in 2021. But before that, he needs to complete his opera studies.

Chance Little sings national anthem

Chance Little, a 6-foot-7 offensive lineman for the Duke Blue Devils, has a unique and unusual talent. He stuns his teammates by singing the national anthem a cappella, the way the Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli would. Chance’s performance was captured on the team’s social media pages, where he was able to impress his teammates.

A recent video of an American football player singing Andrea Bocelli’s song, “Con Te Partiro,” went viral. Chance Lytle, who is now pursuing a master’s degree in management at Duke University, shocked his teammates with his performance. The song was composed by Andrea Bocelli, whose work is renowned the world over. Lytle’s voice sounded like that of an angel, as described by his TikTok account. Many of the commenters commented on the young football player’s excellent vocals.

Chance Lytle has a promising career in football and opera

If you are looking for a football star with an unconventional background, look no further than Chance Lytle. This 6-foot-7 offensive lineman, who is currently battling for a starting spot for the Duke Blue Devils, also has a background in singing. He recently performed the operatic piece “Con te partiro” by Andrea Bocelli for his team on Twitter. While Lytle has always been interested in music, it was only in college that he began to explore his passion for singing.

Although Lytle is an offensive lineman, his passion for opera hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, he sang opera in the Duke cafeteria, dazzling his teammates. He also earned a double major in psychology and music at the University of Colorado, and is now a Duke student. He is currently in his senior year of college and is already enjoying his dual degree.

Chance Lytle sings Andrea Bocelli’s anthem

A 6-foot-7 offensive lineman from Duke University recently stunned his Duke team by singing the famous Italian opera aria “Con te partero.” The video of his performance was posted to the team’s TikTok account, and fans were quick to comment that the singer had the voice of an angel. Lytle has a history of performing in opera and even has his own YouTube channel.

Though he has a promising career in the NFL, Lytle has already made a name for himself on the stage. He has appeared in various operas, including Mozart’s Figaro marriage and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Originally a violinist, Lytle switched to the cello as a child. However, after sustaining a shoulder injury, he began to study singing. Afterward, he said he had “discovered” a passion for the art and plans to make it his “entire livelihood.”

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