American Cruise Lines’ American Constellation cruise ship to Alaska has been cancelled after three passengers tested positive for COVID-19.

The ship set off on July 4 for a 10-night cruise to Juneau, Alaska. However, the trip was cut short by two unvaccinated passengers and one crew member who tested positive. The 175-passenger ship was staffed by 52 crew members and 162 passengers.

According to a Saturday statement, the company cancelled the ship’s next sailing scheduled for July 14th “out of an abundance and caution.”

Three passengers were found to have tested positive and are now being evacuated from the ship in Petersburg, Alaska. The majority of the crew are currently vaccinated. However, those who aren’t will remain aboard Juneau until cleared by health authorities.

American Cruise Lines, which is a small-ship cruise line, stated that this was the first COVID-related incident since March when it resumed sailing in U.S. waters. Since its restart, the cruise line has carried over 10,000 passengers on 130 cruises.

Each of the 31 states where it operates follows local COVID protocols. The company’s website says it “strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible guests,” and all guests are tested for COVID as part of the boarding process. According to the company’s website, it strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccination for all guests who are eligible. All guests are also tested for COVID during boarding.

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The company stated that “State and local officials from Alaska have been engaged and have been working with American Cruise Lines in order to ensure a quick and effective implementation of Response Plan.”

The cruise line will resume its summer Alaska cruises, which run through September.