how to allow new message requests from everyone on instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for sharing photos and videos, but it’s also an open network for discussing content and catching up with friends. Sometimes, however, people find themselves inundated with messages from other Instagram users who want to keep engagement numbers high. How can you limit new Instagram message requests without unfollowing some of the people who are following you?

Ever get the question with a few hundred spots on it? For example, you follow 50 accounts but your workload has been pretty consistent, so you don’t like to creep on your followers. The easier solution is making a rule in your Instagram settings that states, “to allow new message requests from anyone.” Once you do this, those 50 people who previously couldn’t send you messages now have their rights back! 

The beauty of this solution is that you can change it up as needed. Maybe you just want to restricting requests from people who are following more than five accounts, or maybe you only want to allow requests from people who have followed you for less than a week. The possibilities are endless, so be creative and figure out the best way for you to limit new message requests without unfollowing anyone!

Explain why you want to allow people on instagram who are not from your followers

One of the most important things to do on Instagram if you want to grow your account is to increase your follower count. However, one way to do this is by following people who aren’t from your followers.

One way to allow new message requests from everyone on Instagram is by using a public profile. When you create a public profile, anyone can follow you without having to be a follower of yours first. This means that when someone wants to send you a message, they can just go to your public profile and click the Follow button.

Although this approach may seem risky at first, it can actually prove to be very beneficial. By allowing people from outside of your follower base to send you messages, you’re increasing the chances that you’ll be reached by people who may not have been interested in your content before. In addition, public profiles tend to perform better on Instagram than private profiles because they’re more visible.

If you don’t want to allow people on Instagram who are not from your followers to message you, you can simply create a private profile.

How do you make it so people can send messages to your posts, but only if they follow you

There are a few ways to do this on Instagram. You can either go to the Settings menu and select “General”, then tap on the “Messages” option. From here, you can enable everyone from sending you messages, or only people who follow you.

There are a few ways to do this. 

The first is to go to your Instagram settings and click on “followers”. Next, find the person you want to allow messages from and select their follower list. Finally, make sure that the check box next to their name is checked. This will allow messages from that person and all of their followers in your following list. 

Another way to do this is to go to your Instagram profile and click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen. From here, you can select “settings”. Next, find “message requests” and uncheck the box next to “everyone who follows me”. This will only allow people who follow you directly to send you messages. 

 Whichever option you choose, be sure to keep an eye on your message inbox as not everyone will be able to send you a message through Instagram!

Get help if you need anyone

Instagram is great for staying up-to-date on all the latest posts and images, but sometimes you may need help if you’re not sure how to allow new message requests from everyone on Instagram. 


For starters, go to your account settings and tap “Privacy & Appearance.” Under “Who can see your Instagram posts and messages?” put “Everyone” and save your changes. This means that anyone with a Instagram account can send you messages, regardless of whether they are friends or not. 


If you want to keep certain people out of your message inbox, however, you can set up filters in chronological order (or any order you want) by following these steps: 

1) Swipe left on any photo or post to open the edit menu. 

2) Tap “Filters” on the left sidebar. 

3) Tap “New Filter.” 

4) Enter the keyword you’re looking for in the “What” field and choose one of the options below from the “Options” field: 

-Messages from people I follow: Allow messages from my followers only. 

-Only messages from people I follow who reply to me: Only messages from people who reply to  me will be shown in my messages.

-Only messages from people who follow me: Only messages from people who follow me will be shown in my messages. 

5) Choose the “Start with this post” option and tap “Create.” 

6) Swipe left on the post or photo you wish to filter, and tap “OK.” 

7) In the “Order” column, tap the arrow on the right to switch to the “From” row. 

8) Enter the Instagram user IDs of the people you want to include in your desired order and hit “Done.” 

9) In the “Message content” column, enter any text you want to accompany your filter and hit “Create.” 

10) Tap the blue arrow next to the newly created filter to activate it. 

If you ever need to remove a filter, simply repeat steps 3-10 and enter the IDs of the users you want to exclude. 

If you need some help with any aspect of your Instagram account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone at Instagram support.

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