Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York disclosed to Daily Reuters Dana Bash that she was apprehensive she would have been assaulted and killed on January 6, when a horde of supportive of Trump insurrectionists laid attack to the US Capitol in a bombed work to upset the 2020 US political decision results.

“One reason why that effect was twofold to the point that day is a result of the sexism and the bigotry that is so profoundly established and energized the assault on the Capitol,” Ocasio-Cortez told Bash in a meeting for new series “Being,” which is set to air in full Monday at 9 p.m. ET.

“Racial oppression and male centric society are extremely connected from various perspectives,” the New York representative proceeded. “There’s a ton of sexualizing of that viciousness, and I didn’t feel that I was simply going to be killed. I thought different things planned to happen to me too.”

Slam answered: “So it seems like what you’re disclosing to me right currently is that you didn’t just think that you planned to bite the dust – you thought you would have been assaulted.”

“Better believe it,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Better believe it, I thought I was.”

While describing her experience of the Capitol revolt, Ocasio-Cortez freely uncovered on Instagram Live in February that she’d recently been physically attacked, and she thought about Republicans who minimized the mob and encouraged the nation to continue on to victimizers.

“They’re attempting to advise us to continue on with no responsibility, with no reality telling, or without going up against the outrageous harm, death toll, injury,” Ocasio-Cortez said then, at that point. “The explanation I say this, and the explanation I’m getting enthusiastic is on the grounds that they advised us to continue on, that it’s anything but no joking matter, that we ought to fail to remember what occurred, or in any event, advising us to apologize. These are the strategies of victimizers.”

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The 31-year-old official, who’s become a lightning pole for moderate analysis and a top objective for death dangers, said in the February Instagram Live that she thought her legislative office was being assaulted on January 6. She and a staff member covered up inside her office as somebody who they suspected was an agitator beat on the entryway. The individual ended up being a Capitol Police official, who Ocasio-Cortez said didn’t recognize himself.

Ocasio-Cortez related being scared that she would have been killed as she stow away in the washroom in her office.

“I thought I planned to kick the bucket,” she said. “I have never been calmer in all my years.”