Travelers will not have the ability to take the border off having a beverage on a lot of flights, even as United Airlines becomes the most recent carrier to restrict its alcohol coverage as a result of unruly passengers. Southwest and American announced last week They’d extend past suspensions on alcohol support

United announced it provides beer, wine and challenging seltzer just on domestic flights more than 800 kilometers or from hub to hub after previously saying they would resume support for flights more than 200 miles. American, meanwhile, won’t serve alcohol at the main cottage for now.

Most airlines had frozen alcoholic drink support this past year amid the coronavirus pandemic. The motions were produced in part for a means to decrease the chances for passengers to remove their face masks and maintain flight attendants from needing to interact with passengers over necessary. The current suspensions, however, are linked to passenger behaviour.

“We know this choice could be unsatisfactory for some clients, but we believe this is the ideal choice currently in the interest of their security and comfort of customers and team ,” the airline said in its Friday statement.

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The move comes amid an continuing uptick in poor behaviour by travellers. The Federal Aviation Administration has obtained approximately 2,500 reports of unruly behaviour since the start of the calendar year, the government announced a week. These contain about 1,900 reports of passengers needing to abide by the national face mask mandate.