A Vintage Baseball Matchup Comes to Manitou Springs, Colorado, This Month

Vintage baseball matchup comes to Manitous birthday party

A vintage baseball matchup comes to Manitou Springs, Colorado, this month. The Colorado Vintage Baseball Association, the Manitou Springers, and the City of Manitou Springs will play against each other at Roger Maestas Field. The game will be played under the rules that were in place in 1864. Guests can watch the game or even bring a picnic basket and enjoy a meal.

Vintage Baseball Game in Manitou Springs, Colorado

The vintage baseball matchup is coming back to Colorado. This weekend, the Manitou Springs Heritage Center Springers will take on the Canon City Interoceans for a matchup in the town’s Roger Maestas Field. The games are played under the rules of 1864, and the vintage baseball outfits are a great way to celebrate a birthday party. For more information, visit the website.

CVBBA donated extra vintage uniforms for the event, and the Heritage Center provided players in authentic uniforms. The 1864 rules for baseball differ from modern game rules, but they add a sense of fun. Bats are limited to two and a half inches at their diameters. Bats are not required to be in a round shape and can be any length. The game is played by hand and any strike a bat produces will be considered an out.


A vintage baseball matchup at the Roger Maestas Field in Manitou Springs, Colorado, can be a unique birthday party activity for a child’s birthday. The Manitou Springs Fire Department and Colorado Vintage Baseball Association play each other in this matchup, which is played with 1864 baseball rules. The cost of a vintage baseball matchup at Manitous birthday party depends on the number of guests and the number of games played.

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