Marvel Movies In Order To Popularity

Marvel Studios has been making big money for years now producing a catalog of blockbuster hits in the comic book industry. The success continues with new movies hitting the theaters every week. But how do they rank Marvel movies according to their order of release? In this article I’ll attempt to rank them.

Obviously, as a moviegoer you want to rank the best of the movies. And I suspect that you’ve gone to the theater many times just to watch a popular movie. That’s probably the biggest reason that these films rank so highly. We go to the movies to escape from our busy lives. We want to escape the real world and marvel at the magic of our favorite characters can create on the screen.

So, when you look at the films in order of release, you have to take into account the popularity of the characters in each film. While Iron Man is a box office smash, it has nothing on the other Marvel movies. Thor and The Incredible Hulk are two of the top sellers.

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The list of Marvel movies that rank number one is just a bit too long for my taste. However, I’m sure that other fans have put them in order of popularity and found them to be enjoyable. As with anything, the more popular a movie is, the longer it takes to get the DVD release.

That means we have to rank these movies based on the popularity of the filmmakers. And there are several that easily come to mind. First up is Spider-Man. This is the first installment of a trilogy that will include Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Both of these are huge box office hits and the future of the MCU can be safely predicted with Spider-Man 2 in 2021.

One of the most anticipated films in the summer is Iron Man 3. The third installment is expected to be more action-filled than its predecessors. There is also word that Don Cheadle will be back as Rhodey. The other movies that rank highly on the Marvel films list are X-Men: Days of Future Past, Thor and The Wolverine. Those last three films are all directed by none other than Marvel’s biggest star, Iron Man.

If you’re going to try and rank these films, you have to take into account the era of the Marvel movies that you are looking at. The X-Men is set in the future and so are The Avengers. While Iron Man and The Avengers were released in the early part of their respective careers, The X-Men were introduced way back in 1993. They definitely ruled the box office for three full seasons. That was then, though, and things have changed since then. But, there are still some major players in the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Agents of S.H.I.T. – which takes place in deep space – and Captain America: The Winter Soldier rank at the bottom of this list. These two films only managed to attract an alright amount of audience, if that. That is to be expected considering that they were not really very successful in the box office. However, both films are still considered classics and should be seen in order to experience the thrills and spills that these films have to offer.

It would be a very unfair comparison to rank the MCU without taking into consideration the events that have taken place before the release of the films. That includes the original X-Men, which started as a group of teenagers who were trained by Magneto to fight villains on the planet of H.A.M. While the team struggled to start up, they soon discovered that Professor X could channel powerful mutant energy and cure them if they were to go to him. He taught them how to control and harness this power and along came Storm, who was the first mutant to try and train them. As these young men learned more about each other, the synergy between them was built and they formed the first team in the Marvel Universe.

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In order to rank all of the Marvel movies, then, you have to consider the totality of the entire Marvel cinematic universe. That is to say, you have to realize that the events that occur before a film or television show is just that, an occurrence within the bigger scheme of things. What happens within the films and TV shows, has to be considered separately from what occurs on the big screen. Without going too deep into spoilers, I will tell you that in some cases, characters from previous films become integral members of the Marvel universe and their stories are told throughout the various films.

There are many factors that go into crafting a top ranked Marvel film. But you should remember that any and all of them contribute to the overall quality and integrity of the films. So, when making your list, don’t forget that the entire cast and crew of the Marvel movies should be taken into consideration. These individuals are the true pioneers of the Marvel films and their talents deserve proper credit. Once you make your list, do the same for the cast. If you do, you’ll never have to wonder why there aren’t more Marvel films!