A Look at Brad Lea's Net Worth

Brad Lea is a well-known YouTuber and investor. Before he became an online star, he was a car salesman. Brad’s parents divorced when he was young. He dropped out of high school after his father threw him out. He had dreams of becoming an actor, but lost hope after six months of no pay. He eventually applied for a job with the Forest Service. While working there, he carried heavy backpacks and put out smoldering stumps.

Brad Lea is a successful entrepreneur

Brad Lea is a multi-talented individual who has earned millions of dollars from his podcast, books, and training solutions company. Lea grew up in an average American family and was not wealthy, but he never let his circumstances stop him. His parents split up when he was a child, and he dropped out of high school to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. However, he found that his acting career was not working out, and he quit school to work for the Forest Service. He spent six months working for the government, hauling heavy backpacks, and putting out smoldering stumps.

Lea’s podcast, Dropping Bombs, is one of his most popular creations. It features real-world sales strategies that many aspiring entrepreneurs can apply in their own businesses. His YouTube channel, BRAD LEA TV, is also a popular resource. This channel has more than 140,000 subscribers and has received more than seven million views. Brad Lea is also a published author, with many of his books discussing business and life.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Brad Lea is also a philanthropist and a successful businessman. LightSpeed VT, the entrepreneur’s training company, is the global leader in web-based training. With its headquarters in Las Vegas, LightSpeed VT strives to continually improve its services to clients. Lea’s mission is to help people succeed in their endeavors. He regularly appears on top podcasts and is often featured on Forbes and Huffington Post.

In addition to being a successful serial entrepreneur, Brad Lea has developed his own online training technology. After spending $180,000 to build an initial software platform, he sold the idea to a programming company and agreed to pay them later. This money allowed him to hire staff and scale his business.

Despite being an extremely hard-working salesperson, Brad Lea learned sales through hard work and determination. With that knowledge, he eventually founded LightSpeed VT, which is now worth $25 million. He also regularly broadcasts sales-related videos on YouTube.

He is a YouTuber

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, Brad Lea may be the right person for you. This entrepreneur and YouTuber has over 548,000 followers on social media. He also hosts a podcast that aims to help his listeners improve their lives. Brad Lea’s work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and many other publications.

Brad Lea has a successful YouTube channel with over 126,000 subscribers. He’s also a published author with two books. The first was The Real Deal, and he has since written The Hard Way. Both of them explore the principles of success and how to apply them to your life. While Lea makes the majority of his income from his YouTube channel, he also earns money from his speaking and training business.

Brad Lea is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and he is a famous YouTuber. He’s also an author and entrepreneur. He is known for his no-BS style of interviewing celebrities. His interviews are filled with stories from the front lines, so they’re not only inspiring but also helpful.

Lea is married to Melissa Renee Lea and has two daughters. He also runs a training company called LightSpeed VT. His net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. He is an entrepreneur and he also runs podcasts. He also has a popular YouTube channel called BRAD LEA TV.

Lea was previously only able to reach a handful of people in person, but he realized that he could reach many more people online. After the success of LightSpeed VT, Brad Lea launched BRAD LEA TV and became an influential influence in the world of social media. The channel now has over 7 million views and 1,42,000 subscribers. Brad Lea is also an author of books about developing entrepreneurial skills.

He is an investor

Brad Lea is a multi-talented man with a vast portfolio of companies. He’s an investor, podcast host, and entrepreneur. His diversified portfolio has earned him over 50 million dollars. He’s also a married man and has two daughters. His book, The Hard Way, provides step-by-step instructions for turning an idea into a profitable business. He’s also a YouTube star and has 126,000 subscribers.

Lea has built his wealth through his podcast, books, and training solutions company. His rags-to-riches story is one that is easily relatable to many. People love to see a person come from humble beginnings and become successful. Examples of such people include Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

Brad Lea’s parents separated when he was young. His mother placed his older siblings in foster care. His paternal grandmother was an advocate for abandoned children. Brad’s family moved to Eugene, Oregon, when he was 14 years old. Although his father was not hands-on, he remained supportive and was an ardent worker.

Brad Lea had big dreams of becoming a famous movie star. However, he was broke six months after graduating from college. He ended up working in retail and at the Forest Service, where he had to do manual labor to pay the bills. But he was not content with this life. Instead, he used his talent to level up his career.

He was a car salesman

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur and podcast host, Brad Lea started his career as a car salesman. He later found that he could teach others how to sell cars and created his own management team. His success helped him create a net worth of $113 million. Lea is married to Melissa Renee Lea, and they have two daughters.

The former car salesman turned to the Internet as a means to reach more people and sell more cars. He started a company called LightSpeed VT, which is now valued at $25 million. He also hosts a YouTube channel called Brad Lea TV, where he hosts sales-related videos.

While Brad Lea’s business methods have been widely criticized, his personal story is compelling. Many people love a good rags-to-riches story. Those from humble backgrounds often become successful entrepreneurs. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs are examples of ordinary people who rose to extraordinary heights.

The key to becoming a successful salesperson is to understand what makes people tick. People want to feel heard and understood. It is not enough to simply tell them about a product. People want to connect with it on a personal level, and they want to hear why they need it.

Lea is now the CEO of Lightspeed VT, a leading training platform. Lea’s personal story is one of perseverance and hard work. His success story has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, and Inc., and he has made numerous appearances on top podcasts.