5 Popular Types of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategies is getting more popular day by day due to their powerful impact on marketing the business. With the help of social network tools, you can communicate your message to a large set of people instantly. Social media provides the platform for sharing and spreading the awareness about products, services, events and many more. It is through social media that your product or service can get the attention of masses. Below, you will come across the types of social media marketing strategies.


BLOGGERS & PUBLISTS: weet, submit, like, share. You must select these types of Social Media platforms for sharing, submitting and discovering valuable information about your business on the internet. Writers are usually used for providing interesting and informative content to the readers. Similarly, pushers, on the other hand, are a great way to push your products or service to the maximum number of audience.


PIDEA & PIDEA FRIENDS: LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, twitter. These types of Social Media platforms are used by professional networks and individuals for networking purposes. The professionals often use these networks to promote their careers, meet new prospective clients and enhance existing relationships. Social media helps in sharing ideas and thoughts with like-minded individuals. However, if you want to get immediate feedback, you can use these networks. In addition, once you have created interesting and valuable information, you can share it with your audience by posting a URL of your website or blog.


BRAND FRIENDS: These types of social media platforms are mainly used by brands for recognition, building a relationship with customers and enhancing brand awareness. Social Media provides the users an opportunity to identify and form a relationship with other people. In fact, the users can easily share information and views on any topic. Besides, the users can easily create profiles and connect with their friends.


BRAND FRIENDLY AUDIENCE: On the other hand, Brand friendly audience includes audiences that share similar interests and are fans of a particular brand. Social Media enables you to create online communities where you can interact with your target audiences. For example, you can easily share useful tips and information on the website through videos, graphics and images. Likewise, you can also make online videos, podcasts, and podcasts to interact with your target audiences.


BEST NETWORKS: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, twitter. As already discussed above, these types of Social Media platforms are used to share information, communicate with other people, find new prospects, and build relationships. The best networks are the ones that allow all types of viewers to be a part of it. These networks include the four most popular social networking sites twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


FREE WEBINAR: Social media marketing has been made easier by webinars. Webinars are audio or video presentations that can be recorded anytime and hosted publicly. They have become one of the best types of social media for business houses as it allows their target audiences to get information about a product or service through a single click. Many webinars also provide bonus materials and other gifts for the audience members. Hence, webinar marketing is highly in demand these days.


DIGITAL Marketing: Digital Marketing covers a wide range of activities that enable business owners to promote their brands using digital means such as electronic newsletters, digital signage, and digital websites. The main aim of digital marketing is to enhance customer loyalty and engagement through various types of media. Various types of Digital Marketing Services include Digital news distribution Digital magazines & periodicals Interactive mobile phones Digital interactive website Email marketing Print advertising Television advertising


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TELEGRAPHIC CAMPAIGNS: Tellygraphic is a medium of brand awareness in which brands are photoshopped to make them look attractive. They are also known as celebrity images, screen-prints, or screen-printed advertisements. This medium enables mass production and low-cost marketing campaigns. Televisual advertisements are the most popular types of topical advertisements that can reach millions of viewers at any given time. Different types of Televisual Advertising include Television spots, Public TV spots, Outdoor Television, Cable TV spots, Radio spots, Magazines, etc.


PETCHONES: As the name suggests, petchometers are small gadgets that play the role of a small recorder by recording foot and hand signals. A periscope is useful for marketing businesses as they are popular with both the customers and the brand names. Various types of Petchometers are Wireless Pet Trackers, Bluetooth Pet Trackers, Satellite-based pet trackers etc. With the advancement of technology, smart phones have also become a suitable platform for these gadgets. Different types of PETCHONES include PETT Globe, PETT Balloons, C-Card Globe, Co2 Toner Card Bird Cage, etc.


LIVE VIDEO & AUDIO FORMS: Video & audio forms are popular means of communicating with potential consumers on the internet. These types of services can be efficiently used for online advertisement campaigns. Various types of Video and Audio file formats are commonly used by Online Social Media Marketing firms. The advantage of using live video files or audios in marketing campaigns is that they can be easily replayed on websites like YouTube and Instagram thus reaching millions of users instantly.


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