Among all of the elements that you need to consider when starting up a business, one that you have to focus on is the design of your logo. 

Since your logo represents your company, it provides the first impression of your organization and it should contribute an impression on your audience.

There are different types of logos around. They’re all used for different purposes and they all look different. You might be wondering what are the most established logo styles.

Fear no more! In this article, we will explain the different types of logo designs and what they’re used for.

1. Iconic Logos

Iconic logos are ones that are easily recognizable and stand out from the rest. They are often simple in design and use few colors. Some of the most iconic logos are those of Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s.

These companies have been able to create logos that are not only memorable but also convey the message they want to portray.

When creating your own logo, keep in mind that less is often more. Try to create a logo that is unique and will be remembered by your target audience.

2. Combination Mark Logos

Out of the different logo styles, a combination mark logo is probably the most difficult to create. It’s a combination of an image and text, and both have to work together to create a cohesive whole.

The image part of the logo should be simple and memorable, while the text should be easy to read and understand. The best combination mark logos are those that are able to convey the essence of the brand in a single glance.

3. Abstract Mark Logos

A mark that is not explicitly linked to the company or product it represents and is usually made up of simple shapes or symbols.

Abstract logos are often seen as more modern and sleek than other types of logos and can be used to create a strong, recognizable brand identity.

While they may be less common than other types of logos, abstract marks can be incredibly effective when used correctly.

4. Emblem Logos

A badge or symbol that represents a company or brand. It’s usually very simple and easy to recognize. Think of the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s golden arches.

These are both examples of emblem logos. Emblem logos are often used by companies that have a long history or are well-established brands. They want to convey that they are trustworthy and have a strong reputation.

5. Text-Based Logos

Text logo designs are just what they sound like. Logos that are created using only text. No images, no iconography just words.

While that may seem like a limitation, it’s actually one of the reasons why text logo is popular. They’re easy to remember, easy to reproduce, and easy to scale. Plus, they can be incredibly versatile, and able to be used in a variety of contexts and applications.

These Are a Few of the Logo Styles 

A logo is more than just a pretty graphic. It’s an essential part of your brand identity. No matter which logo styles you choose, make sure it’s reflective of your brand identity. 

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