2000 Flights Cancelled For Sunday As East Coast Braces For Bomb Cyclone

Airplanes were redirected on Friday to avoid icy roads after a snowstorm hit the northeast. The National Weather Service announced that more than 2,000 flights are canceled nationwide and another 4,158 are halted globally. The latest wave of flight cancellations comes just a day after major disruptions occurred over Christmas with a rising number of staff infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The last time the United States experienced a bomb cyclone was in October when rains caused flash flooding and mudslides. About 117,000 people lost power in California, and this latest blizzard has affected many of the same airports. In fact, the blizzard has displaced nearly 40,000 people from their homes and businesses, affecting the travel industry in the process.

2000 Flights Cancelled For Sunday As East Coast Braces For Bomb Cyclone

Forecasters have warned that the storm, known as a bomb cyclone, is set to affect the east coast throughout the night. In fact, it has already impacted Charlotte Douglas International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. More than 1,100 flights from Charlotte Douglas International Airport have been canceled, while 90 flights from Philadelphia and New York have been canceled altogether. American Airlines is urging travelers to rebook a flight.

In addition to cancellations, more than 2,000 flights are canceled on Sunday due to the winter storm hitting the East Coast. A majority of American Airlines flights out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport have been canceled, with more than 1,000 canceled for Sunday. As the winter storm hits the east coast, airport operations will be disrupted and passengers may be forced to wait for days before reaching their destination.

As of Sunday evening, more than 2,000 flights are canceled for Sunday as a winter storm strikes the East Coast. Hundreds of flights were rebooked on Saturday, but a few were still canceled early on Monday morning. Southwest Airlines, for example, has canceled 400 flights on Sunday and expects more to be canceled throughout the day. Its website has a live tracking service to help travelers find their next flight.

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More than two million flights have been canceled as a result of the winter storm, according to FlightAware. At least one hundred thousand flights have been rebooked on Saturday. A similar number of flights were rebooked on Sunday for Saturday. The storm is expected to impact the region in the northeast on Saturday, but it is unclear how many are affected by the storm.

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