Xbox Cloud Gaming Just Got A Lovely Upgrade On Microsoft Edge

If you use Microsoft Edge, you should look into the new Xbox Cloud Gaming feature. This new feature is available on the Steam Deck, but you will need to install a beta version of Microsoft Edge to use it. There’s a flatpak available for this, but Microsoft forgot to credit the developer. They have since contacted him and made things right. There are also other options for Cloud Gaming, including the use of a subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

Clarity Boost

While Microsoft Edge isn’t a perfect gaming platform, it has recently added a new feature called Clarity Boost. The new feature is designed to enhance video quality while streaming games over Xbox Cloud Gaming services. Clarity Boost is currently only available on Microsoft Edge, but it could be added to other browsers in the future. Note that Microsoft Edge Canary and regular Edge are not identical, so you might run into performance issues with the latter.

In addition to Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft has also added a new gaming tab to Edge. This feature provides quick access to the latest video game news, live streams, and tournaments. It also allows users to enjoy free arcade and casual games without leaving the browser. Microsoft Edge also has a new gaming homepage, which lets gamers find articles on gaming news and other content. It also includes a widget for recent games played on Xbox.

Efficiency Mode

A new update for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows 10 has made the browser much more game-friendly. Now, you can launch games with one click, and you’ll also find a dedicated games menu. Plus, you can play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Edge. This new update also improves Microsoft Edge’s game flow, and helps your PC’s performance by preventing it from taking up precious resources while playing.

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The new version of Microsoft Edge has a dedicated gaming section, which includes a feature called Efficiency Mode. This feature throttles your browser’s system resource use when you start or close games. It’s similar to Opera GX, which lets you change the maximum amount of RAM and CPU you want your browser to use, but that sacrifices page performance. But with Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft has done the right thing by letting you play games without a device.

Xbox Game Pass subscription required

If you’re wondering whether you need a subscription to Xbox Game Pass in order to enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming, you’re not alone. This service is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows PCs. For Android devices, you need a device with a 10 Mbps or higher download speed. You also need a Windows 10 PC running the October 2020 update. To access Xbox Cloud Gaming, you’ll need an Android or iOS device with a Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

There are many advantages to Xbox Game Pass, and they go beyond its console-centric origins. While you can still buy single games, you can also enjoy full-length game demos with more content. You’ll also get access to popular indie titles, console and PC multiplayer services, and even Xbox exclusives. You can discover new games, including Xbox exclusives, by downloading them using the Xbox Game Pass app.

Limitations of Xbox Cloud Gaming

One of the main limitations of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Microsoft Edge is that games can’t be streamed in 4K resolution. That being said, the experience is still impressive given the limitations. You can play most supported games instantly without downloading them. You can play 1080p games with 60 fps. While this may not be enough for 4K displays, it is still more than adequate for smaller screens.

Another limitation of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Microsoft Edge is that it’s still in beta. You can’t stream next-generation games just yet, but the Xbox team is working on it. Additionally, you can only play games in English in the beta. In-game purchases won’t work, either. In addition, you’ll need to be using a Windows PC to use Xbox Cloud Gaming. And, of course, Microsoft Edge is not the only browser that will limit your gaming experience.