Xbox Are Supposedly Working on Elite V3 Controller

The Xbox Elite controller is the ultimate gaming device for the coming year. But until the E3 conference comes around, it’s hard to know if this controller will live up to the hype. But we do know that it will be modular and customizable, and run on AA batteries. But what’s its alleged specs? Read on to find out. After all, who can resist a new controller?

Sony is reportedly working on its own version of customizable controller for PS5

A well-known gaming journalist has reportedly shared an image of a customized PlayStation 5 controller. The controller will be “completely customizable”, with rear buttons, trigger stops, and removable analog sticks. It will also feature the PS5’s DualSense feature, which will add haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The PS5 will also come with the same buttons as its predecessor, the DualShock 4.

Microsoft is reportedly working on an Elite V3 controller

The upcoming Elite V3 controller is rumored to have a few new features. It will reportedly feature USB type C connectivity and bluetooth functionality, as well as 3 levels of hair trigger locks for the paddles. It will also have a longer key travel than the current controller, and an adjustable thumbstick lock, according to a patent application Microsoft filed last year. Despite its rumored features, it remains unclear if it will launch with the Xbox One.

The controller is modular and customizable

The Elite Series 2 is an extremely well done controller that is modular and customizable. You can create 250 different profiles and download them to the controller. The controller also has a Default profile, which will switch back to the Xbox One’s standard operating style. Having two different controllers for different games means you can choose the style and feel that is most comfortable for you. While the Elite Series 2 controller is already well done, it would be nice to be able to customize it further.

It runs on AA batteries

The Xbox Elite V3 controller uses replaceable AA batteries. Microsoft has a long-standing partnership with Duracell. It has a deal with the company to supply the controllers with AA batteries for use with its Xbox One console. Microsoft also provides batteries with the Elite Controller 2.

It has a removable grip

The Elite Series 2 controller offers a large range of customization options. It features a faceted D-pad and a plus-shaped thumbstick. The trigger is adjustable and comes with two preset stops for different levels of sensitivity. The Elite Series 2 is also customizable, with additional buttons to allow for customized game play. Its sleek design gives it a classic look and feels. With two trigger positions, it is designed for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One users.