A user on TikTok has become famous after she shared an unorthodox birthday present she bought for her supposed cheating partner. Since its release this week, the video has seen a massive amount of engagement. It has 15.4 million viewers, 2.6 million liked and more than 16,000 comments.

Jewelry is usually thought of as be a romantic gesture that you give to your partner. However, for some it is possible that a piece of jewellery could have other purposes, for instance, an unintentional way of exposing the spouse’s infidelity.

In the spring of this year, for instance the wife of a man whom she suspected of having been unfaithful, a bespoke necklace by the name of the women he’d allegedly committed unfaithful acts to. A TikTok video that documented the stunt became viral and caught thousands of people.

In a similar incident in October last year, an employee of a jewelry store claimed she exposed an unfaithful husband through “accidentally” making a mistake when packing his orders, which meant that his wife was the one to receive the item, which was supposed to be for his secret lover.

In the latest instance of “revenge jewelry”, TikToker @ outspoken.m revealed her story by putting captions that appear on the screen. “When he was unfaithful … I got all the girls’ names on a necklace and gave it to him for his birthday,” she wrote.

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The video is not revealing the face of the man, shows him on the front seat in a car and opening a tiny box. The lid is lifted and exposes the chain even though the text in the necklace is tiny to be read by the naked eye, it is evident that the man responds instantly and closes the box just as fast as the box was opened.

Viewers voiced their opinions to the clip’s controversial comments section.