On Thursday, a carpet python was discovered hiding in a corner of a bathroom at an eastern Australian home.

The homeowner, a Belli Park resident in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region, went to the bathroom at night. But she was shocked when she discovered that the shower had been “occupied” by a serpent. Stuart McKenzie, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, wrote in a Facebook post.

McKenzie responded to the house to remove the snake.

McKenzie can also be seen in a Facebook video filming himself before he arrives at the house.

He said, “So, sun’s gone down, snakes still on the move, even though it’s quite frigid,” to the camera. “We’re going to head straight over, and hopefully [the snake] is still there.”

McKenzie arrived at the house and began talking to residents. One resident told McKenzie how she first saw the snake.

One resident said, “I went to take a shower, and then I saw all the junk in the shower. I wondered what was going on.”

McKenzie suggested that the woman open the door to the toilet, but McKenzie agreed to do it instead to make sure the snake wasn’t behind them.

Finally, the snake catcher opened up the door and spotted the carpet python at the corner of the shower.

McKenzie stated in the video, “Oh you’re laughing, he’s absolutely created chaos in here.”

The resident revealed that she initially believed her dog was responsible for the mess in her bathroom before she saw the snake.

McKenzie stated that the poor dog was to blame, but that it was the sneaky carpet snake.

According to the snake catcher, the carpet python appeared healthy and had probably entered the house due to the cold weather.

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The carpet pythons can be found in northern, eastern, and southern Australia. They live in open forests, rainforests and rural areas. They are not venomous and can grow up to 10 feet in length.

McKenzie believed that the snake was between four and five years old. He removed the snake from the bathroom and relocated it to bushland nearby.

McKenzie was called to a Sunshine Coast home where the owners had seen a large carpet python hanging upside down from a gutter.