Ghosts, spirits, poltergeists or specters, whichever you prefer to refer to them, there’s no doubt stories about the afterlife are common among those who live.

The proof of ghosts or possession are extremely rare, and the evidence is usually contested or denied at the very least. However, one lady claims that she has caught an unidentified “ghost” on film, according to some as”the the most credible footage that they’ve seen.

TikToker Shannyfantg appears to be struggling with an uncanny presence at her home. She has posted several videos of bizarre happenings.

Shannyfantg of Phoenix has uploaded three videos to the website on Sunday. They show things falling off counters as well as an opening of a gate. However, it’s a clip of her two dogs, which can send shivers up people’s spines

The video that appears to have been taken with the help of a surveillance camera, captures her living space, along and her dogs One of them is an Belgian Malinois with their cages.

Both dogs are barking ferociously while nobody else appears to be around them. However, they both cease to bark at the exact same time and remain completely still.

The black dog appears to leap backwards while it appears to be shoved into the corner. the collar appearing to be slipping from its neck.

When the dog is quiet, it’s not the first time you’ll see a response from the dog several people mentioned in the comments that something could be heard from the 40-second time-span, which some thought was similar as whispers or whisper.

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In the post’s comments the post, Shannyfantg said it was not the first time that such a thing had occurred in the past, adding: “This happened about a year after moving into this house, nothing happened for almost two years, now things are happening again.”